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12/12/2013 c7 4Itzmeall
Yay, Blu is out, what will happen next, please continue...
12/11/2013 c7 redacted fanfiction user
Aww. What a cute father and daughter moment. I'm glad that Blu is coming back home. Now the family can be reunited. Sorry that I didn't give you an idea, though.
12/11/2013 c7 7Blu100-Jewel100
Man Bia is persuasive and intelligent like her Father. I just hope this isn't the last chapter.
12/11/2013 c7 3mw3fan
Awww very sweet, a father and daughter moment, well, it's like they always say, words can make a difference...or is it something else? but whatever
12/11/2013 c7 173chloemcg
YAY! BLU'S COMING BACK! Sorry I didn't give you an idea. I didn't have any. Nice heart-warming chapter, though. Bia's so cute!
12/10/2013 c6 3mw3fan
XD the snake part... I couldn't thought of it better myself, .. Just so classic
12/10/2013 c6 4Itzmeall
YAY!, Very Nice... I can't wait for the next chapter of this... Please continue.
12/10/2013 c6 173chloemcg
Nice! What's next? Can't wait to see Jewel consider Bia's plan. It will be halairious!
12/9/2013 c6 1Xerion
Hmmmm... Nice Chapter! :D.. Also.. Ye becometh pilot?.. Awesome!... Anyway.. its good you're chilling here with us more often! Kinda gettin' lonely.. :{.. also.. sucks Rico is leaving, but.. It's been good times!, REALLY Good times! Really gona miss him.. and.. well.. yeah..

12/9/2013 c6 redacted fanfiction user
Will they ever get Blu out his cage. I guess not, cause these plans aren't working. Blu is smart after all. I hope a plan would work soon. Keep up the good work.
12/9/2013 c6 7Blu100-Jewel100
Will they ever come up with a plan that actually works? Also p.s. Ricardo the black hawk might do one more story if my suggestive ideas are good engough for him to start a story based on them and a plot.
11/21/2013 c5 Alpha1Delta
take your time
11/10/2013 c5 3mw3fan
That's alright, I'm having the same problem aswell, take your time
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