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10/16/2013 c3 3mw3fan
If I were to be in this situation, i would probably put some sleeping powder on blus water or something, and take his cage outside the jungle and make him get use to it, or get a life-like toy snake and pretend it's going after jewel and the only one who can save her is Blu
10/16/2013 c3 5Cobalt the Spix Macaw
Haha! That was a very funny chapter and entertaining to read. Unfortunate that Plan A-2 didn't work. I thought it was fool proof.

Well for Plan A-C maybe it's time to bring out the heavy artillery and by heavy artillery I mean 18 young toucans.
10/16/2013 c3 redacted fanfiction user
Wow, Blu is really smart. Nothing can make him leave. Well except if they do Plan B. :) At least they tried. Now it's time for A-C. And how about they put a big spider in Blu's cage? Keep it up. Good luck on pilot school! :)
10/16/2013 c3 7Blu100-Jewel100
Fascinating and I bet exhausting plan that was
10/16/2013 c3 24Ricardo the Black Hawk
And once again, their plan fails. I guess it's time for Plan A-3. Why not have dangle Blu's cage over a height or something?
10/9/2013 c2 5Loco Vampire
Yeah, better move to Plan B. :)
10/7/2013 c2 7Blu100-Jewel100
No I LOVE JASMINE'S IDEA! Make it happen, lol!
10/6/2013 c2 3mw3fan
This domesticated Macaw need some serious help, there is no way he can stay in that cage forever knowing that his family could one day be in danger and he is the only one who can stop them
10/6/2013 c2 redacted fanfiction user
Nice chapter. I guess its to time go with Nico and Jasmine's plan. It was funny as well. It's too bad that Jewel's plan didn't work. Oh well. I can't wait for more, and keep up the good work. And don't forget the comedy. :)
10/6/2013 c2 5Cobalt the Spix Macaw
Haha that was very funny. I especially like how Jewel tried to get him out by infatuation. Very strategic of her but it failed.

I guess it's time to try Jasmine's idea. I bet it's going to be even funnier. Keep on writing!
10/6/2013 c2 1Xerion
This story is hilarious :P.. xD..
10/6/2013 c2 173chloemcg
Wow, Jasmine and Nico's plan sounds great. I'm going to go ahead and guess that that'll be the plan that works.
I can't wait for more and this had many comedic moments! Nice job, Rapper! BTW I like the cover. It looks so cool!
10/6/2013 c2 24Ricardo the Black Hawk
Great chapter, Rapper. It was funny when Jewel's plan did not work. And as an idea, why not have Eva sing to Blu?
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