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for Sleeping Beauty: In modern times

7/16/2019 c1 AnonymousK
Wow. I don't know if you've heard this before but no one is forcing you to read other people's stories. I can't imagine reading something about a character/couple I hate and leaving negative, non constructive comments on someone else work. Get a life. I see through your reviews that you leave nasty comments on other fics. I hope that all comes back to you 10 fold. What a shity person/author you turned out to be.
6/26/2019 c1 Guest
Awesome plot
4/17/2018 c1 AnonymousT
Hey, don't leave nasty reviews on fics when you are a shitty-ass writer yourself. Even though that person wrote 'incest' in a sense, at least they have the talent you don't. :)
2/18/2018 c4 3Randomness85
is this completed? I'd love to read more of this.
1/28/2018 c1 68Rosaria Marie
I really like the outline plot line! You should totally expand upon it and make a full story out of it! I'd love to read that :)
1/3/2018 c5 Guest
For someone who likes to leaves nasty comments on other people's stories, you certainly showed how devoid you are of any writing ability.

This is crap. You cannot write.
11/2/2016 c5 5RebekahWrites
Short and sweet!

3/16/2014 c5 spatterson
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2/15/2014 c5 nikle
that was so stupid
10/14/2013 c1 bookaholic2000
This is how it started.

But it should have been more detailed and descriptive.

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