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2/8 c1 8multyfangirl21
Wouldn't Hela be aunt to Harry? Instead of cousin?

Quite annoying for Harry to be grieving and he's getting proposals and date requests from fans right after his beloved wife's death.
11/20/2015 c1 AnimeFreak71777
Please update! :D
9/29/2014 c1 Elasour
Don't make Draco's part an angst story so that I would like it
3/27/2014 c1 Mep101
That was great!
3/16/2014 c1 19JackFrost14
Love this story
1/25/2014 c1 7Wiznerd the Eagle
Ooh! What parts of Sherlock are you going to be using? There are so many possibilities there. Please update soon!
12/13/2013 c1 CA
12/4/2013 c1 1Lw117149
Oh more please I would love to see where you take this
10/20/2013 c1 6Kat A. Coop
This is EPIC!
Poor death seeing Harry and no Ginny! or Little Lilly Luna! Which is sad in itself...
But I'm so excited to see where this goes!
10/18/2013 c1 discb
Welcome to America Harry, hopefully the food gets you to stay. XD
10/13/2013 c1 ORgasmicPigeon
Looking good! :D
10/7/2013 c1 2sad sabrin
it is sad, and i have enough sadness in my life to last me several lifetimess, but neverthless i liked it
thanks so much
and well done dear
10/6/2013 c1 Byakko-chan
This first chapter has great potential. Your plot is innovative as it doesn't seem to follow the usual clich├ęs. You've put work in your creation and it shows. Thanks ! Can't wait to read more...
10/6/2013 c1 10Lina03
Wow, this is a great start. I can't wait to see where you take this! )
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