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10/4/2013 c1 Shodaime Rikudo Sennin
Okay, seeing as I might be the first to review, I'll say what I deduced as nicely as possible, okay firstly, this is way too short, this is like spoon feeding a baby then stopping when the tip of the spoon touches their mouth. Longer chapters would help you get more views and reviews. Also, the little you gave was quite vague, what clan are you talking about in the first line, the hidden leaf would never have been able to get the kitsunes into their village, but that isn't the main point, try to express yourself more in your fic make people want to read it. I know this is a majorly wordy review, but it's a review nonetheless, if you need help with getting your fic together I don't mind helping, even if I am learning myself, just pm me, hope you get some reviews. Ja Ne

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