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for Blood Splatters: The 23rd Hunger Games

6/12/2020 c27 7Cashmere67
It's quite boring, like almost every other fanfics.
4/15/2020 c1 teddy
omg I’m stalking your ff and the form for this syot was so long wow
3/30/2016 c10 10nevergone4ever
cant wait for an update
7/14/2015 c12 nevergone4ever
fifty shades of red... kevin you have slayed me already no need to embellish

you guys need to learn to update sooner tsk tsk
6/18/2015 c22 Guest
It's quite boring, like almost every other fanfics.
6/15/2015 c14 nevergone4ever
6/1/2015 c39 nevergone4ever
rip immy!

bobo mayb review me LULZ
8/13/2014 c39 8SkyeBird128
Minet won? At the beginning I didn't think she had much of a chance. I didn't like her much at first, either, but she started to grow on me when they got into the arena. She wouldn't have been my first choice for victor, but I'm glad she won. The last scene here showed a completely different side of Minet. I never would have thought she could be so motherly and kind. Very interesting to read.
Congratulations on finishing!

8/5/2014 c36 SkyeBird128
Review's really late, sorry about that.

Well, there goes Naya. I love the way you wrote her. Her death scene was very intriguing as well, and I enjoyed reading it, even though it was, you know, her death scene. Calloway wasn't exactly one of my favorite characters, but I liked him. I'm sad to see Ira go, though. She was cool.
I'm rooting for...Minet, I think, but I wouldn't be disappointed if Syrene won. They're both very interesting, very well developed characters.
7/28/2014 c39 21Elim9
Well, that was a fitting ending to a story that, like you said, was quite a ride.

Good to see Minet settling in well to her status as a victor. It makes sense that Graecus' death would haunt her the most, but it seems she's made her peace with it. Using that to fuel her strong relationship with her brother and his family was a great choice. It's sweet that Anders is still so close to - and protective of - his little sister. And the fact that she's up to watching scary movies with her niece hints that she doesn't have as many PTSD problems as some of the victors. That's nice to see - and still believable, because it's been six years, so she's had time to work through all of that.

Well, it's been quite a ride, and now I'm off to get caught up on reviewing Light up the Sky.
7/28/2014 c39 2Call Me Fin
RIP Immy
7/28/2014 c38 baeee
Jeez, I don't really know how to say how satisfied I am with this ending (oh yeah, even though I don't review, I've been here pretty much the whole time, except for the last three weeks). This story was really good, and the ending was perfect; very congenial.

I think Minet was a wise choice for a victor; maybe not my first choice, but I can see in hindsight that she deserves it. The last few paragraphs were very clever; you had successfully tricked me into thinking Angevin was the winner for a second there.

Mizuko and Ira

Ira :p

I don't really have too much of an opinion. Since I didn't have a tribute of my own in here, I just watched all characters grow and develop, and I only really favoured one or two characters.

I'm looking forward to seeing the epilogue!
7/23/2014 c38 7faceless eater aka slendergirl
Wow just wow. I still have a hard time believing that this your first story your amazing. You wrote Celina as I thought she would be.
7/21/2014 c38 21Elim9
Wow. I'm speechless.

Okay. Back to the beginning of the chapter.

Miz - I always liked him, and I'm glad he made it this far. If not Minet, then I would have wanted it to be him as Victor. But he got his closure, in the end. His peace.

Minet - Despite the 'betraying an ally' stuff, I can't really blame her for leaving Miz. Both of them realized that only one of them was going to survive to face Angevin, and it very easily could have gone the other way. Having her arrive weaponless at the final battle was a nice touch.

Angevin - You had me fooled, Bobo. You really did. When I saw he had the last POV, my brain just figured he would come out on top. And when he thought he had won ... well, I was convinced. Minet, you clever little ... victor. Wow.

It's been a fun ride. Looking forward to seeing how she turns out as a victor.

Okay, questions...

Thoughts on the victor: Well, obviously, I'm thrilled. And the *way* she won was brilliant.

Favorite Alliance: I liked the Careers from the start, but I also enjoyed watching Biahniz's group interacting and then slowly dwindling away.

Favorite tribute: Miz was always one of my favorite, and so was Cal. Syrene was great, too.

Who would I have liked to see win besides my own tribute? Miz.
7/21/2014 c38 23symphorophilia
Minet! Honestly, I was quite happy with any of the three winning, and I do believe Minet was a good choice. Not to mention she's a victor the Capitol would have wanted as well. I liked how she grew and also how she fell as a character. She was resilient and stubborn, I loved her skepticism throughout the games and her strong willpower. Yes, even the smallest of packages can be strong, can't they? I honestly didn't favor Minet at the start of the story but at this point in time, I can only say this...I LOVE HER! Congrats Minet and Elim. :)

Favourite alliance- I have to go with the Careers originally because after Minet's victory, it brought back all the scenes of her and Graecus together and I just loved their dynamic, their banter, their affection for each other though not of the commonplace variety and the way that they didn't really show it at first.

Favourite tribute...I have to say it's a toss up between Ira, Calloway and Naya. Loved all of them.

Well, honestly, Minet was a fabulous choice for Victor. Considering my own took second place to her, yes, it doesn't matter that she would be my pick at this point, she is the Victor. Although I certainly wouldn't have minded several others- at the final five, any of them I would have liked to win, really.

Until then, Bo! :)

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