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for Blood Splatters: The 23rd Hunger Games

1/26/2014 c23 Guestie
*yawns* Where am I? I'm here. I've been reading.
1/26/2014 c23 7faceless eater aka slendergirl
Ce is so much like my brother it's scary I wrote her like my brother but didn't know how scary it would be
1/26/2014 c8 23symphorophilia
District 6.

Well, there were a couple of errors, but nothing too big. I can see how they'd be overlooked. Aside from that, these tributes. Naya, I have to admit, definitely has me intrigued. Her ADHD coupled with her personality is refreshing from all the tributes with such extreme flaws. She reminds me of someone who I could see just walking down the street, which is nice. I liked her spunk, and her relationship with Jollan.

Cable, Cable, Cable. Talk about a womanizer. Who'll probably become a lady killer, literally. I thought he was a bit too contrived, to be honest. The writing was executed quite well, but he was, honestly, frustrating to read. Though there were some things I enjoyed- like his escape from Indiana's house and his interactions with his family.

I definitely liked Naya better, haha.
1/26/2014 c7 symphorophilia
Okay, District Five! I'm back to review! :) Anyway, here goes.

Aurora is...interesting. A mechanic, which is a little weird for District 5, who is overlooked and a little pushy. I sort of feel sorry for her, but I like the sense of character we get from her. The thing with the alcohol and the Peacekeeper were a good way to make her stand out. Did she kill the guy? Most likely. I like how she's trying to remember, and how it was pretty much an accidental kill. That doesn't generally happen in most SYOTs.

Harley. Well, first, I have to say I'm with his family on the "mixing colorful liquids" thing. But anyway. He's certainly got some issues. I mean, trapping a kid by their feet to a pole and suspending them in the air? Messing with a girl and spitting on her face? I like it! And his reaction to the reaping was good too, steeled and such. The "planet man" was a little odd, but I liked that last sentence. Awesome.

Okay, onto District 6.
1/25/2014 c22 6LokiThisIsMadness
Bo :3 Cloe is here, just like she promised.

Minet was one of my faves from the reaping, as you know, and I began to like her more in this chapter. So her and Graecus won't kill each other? Am I the only one who doesn't believe in that for a second? I mean, they're Careers and what happens if they're the final two? I'm sure that either minet or Graecus will kill each other to go back to Disrict Two.

He was my least favorite from this chapter. Calloway's numbers made me really angry, and I don't know why but i don't like him in terms of personality.

She defenitely has a chance. Aurora is strong, in term of personality and I can see her getting far in the Games but not too far. She stands a better chance than her district partner. I would like to see her ally with Disrict Three and possibly her districy partner.

The best POV of this chapter. Colm is such a cute and amazing little thing, and I'm really happy that Bi agree to ally with him, even thought i don't think it will last long. Colm will most likely die at the bloodbath. Anyway, amazing POV Bo :3

Favorite Tribute- i can't choose between Minet and Colm

Amazing chapter, Bo and Bubbles too :)

Update soon, dear :)
1/23/2014 c13 3C1nd3r5
Whoa whoa whoa. Back up a second. Congratulations, you have now shown me something I have never seen before. A pregnant person entering the games. Congratulations on the shock factor.
1/23/2014 c12 C1nd3r5
It's interesting. You don't usually see grumps like Angevin in the Games. But he's a like able grump. Good heart.
1/23/2014 c11 C1nd3r5
Loved the interactions between Cordelia and Syrene, and a very interesting twist there at the end. Messing up the reapings, tsk, tsk.
1/23/2014 c10 C1nd3r5
I don't think I usually see the failed jokester that much in these stories. I hope he finds someone to appreciate his sense of humor.

Good pacing in this chapter. Things move along well, and don't seem rushed at all.
1/23/2014 c9 C1nd3r5
Definitely a new setup. Onyx was a very complex character, something that sometimes does better being shown over multiple chapters. Of course, with the chapter to herself, it works well for her since she doesn't have to share screen space.
1/23/2014 c8 C1nd3r5
I really like how you portrayed Cable here (once again, sorry it's so late). You got him right on target.

I also really liked his District partner. She's different, that's for sure, and I enjoyed the way she responded to things.

Well written chapter. Now lots to catch up on.
1/21/2014 c3 Radio Free Death
There’s an error in the beginning title. Shouldn’t it be May 21st instead of 22nd? It’s just that it seems that it’s eleven at night the previous day and ten hours later it’s 9AM the next day.

Rosemarie is making a cake for Carmen and the gesture is nice. It’s too vague around the issue of what about Carmen she finds horrid. That she’s beautiful? That’s another thing, I’m /told/ that Rosemarie isn’t as pretty, but I don’t get to see it for myself. I get no description from her aside that she has strawberry blond hair, ivory skin, and average body structure. That tells me nothing. Adding comparisons to Ruby as being what her parents are looking for gives me no glimpse to her either. Normal is possessing common traits found in people, not that it’s a value judgment that Rosemarie is hinting at here.

[Apparently, it was important to have a good reputation when you’re the assistant secretary of the Dia-Mine, District One’s mind chalk-full of diamonds.]

Apparently? This sounds like it comes from a kid who is totally ignorant of the subject. It really shouldn’t come from someone who grew up in the belief of holding appearances. The bit about Dia-Mine is hard to follow. Is it a corporation? Is it a single mine? Is it all mines in One?

Then there’s the fact that, if his father is mindful of a good reputation, why would he be ignorant? Worried, yes. It’s just that you need to make sure the characters’ traits flow together and make sense.

[blue orbs]
Describing eyes as orbs is not only wrong, it’s sickeningly overdone.

So the chosen male volunteer’s injured and nobody thought to appoint a runner-up in case this happens? And no, Crimson wouldn’t die if Uriah doesn’t volunteer. There’s bound to be runner-ups, like I mentioned, because getting injuries might not be so rare, and so there would be other trained kids. Everest wouldn’t be the only one unless the eligible eighteen, seventeen, sixteen, and fifteen year olds also bit the dust. The fact that Rosemarie points out this plot hole makes it a bit forced.

Again, no backups? And why would Honduras smirk? I can imagine her being very livid, considering Rosemarie broke her wrist and there goes all her training and ambitions down the drain.

Rosemarie is the most interesting, probably because she's not filled with the same stereotypes that drive Everest. It's just that the logic for their being picked is really absent.
1/20/2014 c22 21Elim9
Okay, first of all, I just want to say that I love the opening line. That's a real attention-grabber. :)


District Two: Since Minet's mine, not going to say much here besides ... I LOVE IT! It'll be interesting to see how long their not-killing-each-other pact will last. And if the Career pack will turn out how they're picturing it. And that exchange at the end between her and Cobble was very well done. Looking forward to seeing how far my little dwarf gets. :)

District Three: Poor Cal. But at least now we know he's fast enough to escape Brinka, so maybe he can last a while just by staying out of the way. Not sure what the transitive property had to do with the train stopping, though. Oh, well. Not that important. Not very nice of his mentor to write him off like that, but, then again, most districts have at least two victors, so they can share. She's got to focus on the one she thinks stands a chance. And she's ... *checks blog* ... ah, the first Victor. So she's been doing this a while, and probably has a good idea of which one stands the better chance. But maybe Cal will surprise her. :)

District Five: I like Hearth. Aurora's right; he's certainly better mentor material than Jennovine. The advice he gave her at the end was good.

District Nine: Awww. That was so sweet. Thank you, Biahniz, for being willing to take this sweet, crazy little tribute under your wing. I wonder how long it'll last... Probably not very long. I'll be surprised - albeit pleasantly so - if Colm manages to make it past the bloodbath.

Favorite from this chapter? Well, not including my two, I really enjoyed Cal here. But that's probably just my preference for the geeky, mathematically-minded types showing. :)

I liked the running theme of [insert tribute name] was(n't) afraid. Nice way to weave them all together.

I love train rides. :)
1/20/2014 c21 Elim9
Sorry this is late!

District Four: I love Mags. I've always loved Mags. So, by extension, I sort of hate Gavin for what he's doing to her and Miz. And, as long as they're both in the Career pack, withholding gifts from Miz doesn't seem like the brightest idea, because what helps him, in general, would probably help the pack. Sort of want to know more about Mags' games now ... beyond what's in the blog. Eventually we'll get an explanation for the whole Miz-being-alive-during-Mags'-Games-and-apparently-old-enough-to-remember-them thing, right?

District Six: MAROON! Hehe. Love it. Your "show, don't tell" has definitely gotten a lot better since the last time we saw Naya. The counting ceiling tiles, the colors - it's fantastic. Her I'm-going-home-in-a-wooden-box attitude might get her in trouble during the Games, though. Not as much trouble as Cable's flirtiness, though.

District Seven: Janos is ... oddly confident for a fourteen-year-old. Either that or it hasn't really sunk in just what he's in for.

District Eleven: Well, you really didn't think that one through, did you, Ira? Not sure you can kill, and yet you volunteered for the Hunger Games? Well, at least she has the self-awareness to know she wouldn't be able to live with herself if she got attached to an ally and then had to watch them die. Still, not having any allies at all probably isn't the best idea.

Speaking of allies, I'm enjoying the fact that alliances are already being talked about and forming.

Nice to see Miz is making it past the bloodbath. (Although I'd already suspected as much.) He's one of my favorites. :)
1/20/2014 c22 Glaecier
Whoahhhh whaatt xD That was so scry I thought he was gonna die before the games don't do tht to me xD Really good chapter :D
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