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for Blood Splatters: The 23rd Hunger Games

7/21/2014 c38 2Call Me Fin
Finally bo I only begged for a week -.-
Wooooo Minet, amen Ang didn't win :/ sorry submitter
Yeah ok I'm happy with 3rd that's cool, hey thanks for writing Miz, and allow him to live so long!
At least now that I know Miz didn't win, Naomi still stands a chance hm hm ;) alright she's hopeless whatever
So yah Minet you did it congrats elim! I'm happy it was her, if not Miz! :)
I'm not at home tbh so I'm not on skype which is why I haven't messaged you back, but yah ok this review is shitty ok I'm on my phone what do you expect?
Great story bo, and one more chap until it's over :ooo
Oh and yah shout out to immy since I know she put a lot of work into this story, even if she did keep me waiting ok ok byeeee!
7/11/2014 c37 Call Me Fin
So yah hi I'm on vacation right now with sketchy internet, but I feel really bad you've allowed Miz to live this long, and I have barely reviewed :/
You know I love this story tho so it's not like you don't know I read okay
Anyways, I feel like now is an appropriate time to review, as a thank you or writing Miz so marvelously, and because he's going to die next chapter.

Okay so let me just talk quick about our remaining 3, since those are the only 3 I care about now..

Angevin: I'm sorry, but he's the one I don't want to win. I'm just not a fan of him, though I do respect his game. In the beginning I never took much notice of him, but he's really proved himself a strong player throughout the games, and I can't deny that. Still, you know me, a career must win!

Minet: I think you know I hated her in the beginning, Idk what it was, but she made me ill. But I can proudly say my opinion has durasticslly changed, and I like her, possibly could even say love! Shes a fighter, we've always known that, and I like her, wouldn't even mind if she wins.

Miz: My tribute so idk what to say, I made him, so obviously I want him to win, but I don't see that happening.

Okay so outcome predictions:

1) Miz

1) Minet
2) Angevin
3) Miz


Okay back into my no internet, I don't even know if this will post, but if it does; HI!
7/10/2014 c37 21Elim9
THAT is a beautiful cliffhanger.

More about that in a moment. First off, I love how you've tied these three POVs together with a common "s/he died" at the beginning. It really paints the remaining tributes as more alike than different. The feelings of regret mixed with relief that they weren't the ones to die is very real and very human.

Syrene - I was rooting for her, but, here, we get a glimpse of how she might have ended up as a victor, completely overwhelmed by her remorse. She went through a lot of character development, but it was her time to go. RIP Syrene.

Dimity - Sadly for her, at this point, alliances don't mean a whole lot. RIP Dimity. Still, I'm wondering if Angevin did the smart thing here. Now he's going to have to take on two Careers - or, at least, whoever survives their fight - by himself.

Mizuko - My favorite POV here, but I'm a bit biased. The interaction between him and Minet was VERY intense and VERY well-done, setting us up for a Career showdown duel and a finale that promises to be a lot of fun.

My thoughts about how that finale could turn out...

1) Mini and Miz fight it out. One of them wins and proceeds to take on Ang. This could go any direction because neither of our Careers is going down without a fight, so whoever's left to fight Ang will probably be injured. Then again, so is Ang. So ... that could go any direction.

2) Ang wanders in on (or is driven by the Gamemakers to) where Miz and Mini are fighting and takes them by surprise, possibly killing one of them quickly. He's already proven he's pretty good with a knife, so it's a possibility. Whoever's left then takes him on.

3) Ang *tries* to do the above, but Miz and Mini spot him and team up to kill him, then proceed to fight it out themselves as planned.

4) Something completely different happens.

It's also worth nothing that, with the amount of seemingly aimless wandering going on in this chapter, I have no idea at all how close Angevin is to the Mini and Miz - or how quickly he could make it to where they are. So that might have some effect on how the finale turns out.

Who do I want to win? At this point, I honestly would be quite happy with any of these three. Minet is mine, so, obviously, that would be cool. I've been rooting for Mizuko from the start, though, and would love to see him win for Mags' sake. And Angevin ... I wasn't too sure about him before, but he showed a real ruthlessness here that makes me think that maybe he *is* victor material. He just killed his district partner and then his ally, for goodness' sakes.

So ... yeah. I voted for Mizuko on your profile, but, honestly, any of these three would be a believable victor. It's anybody's game - and probably has been for a while.

Okay, that's enough speculation for tonight. I'm just going to close by saying that I absolutely LOVE a good cliffhanger, and this one really hit the spot. Bravo, Bobo; I salute you.


Er, I mean, "Happy writing."

7/10/2014 c37 23symphorophilia
Bo. What the fricking frack fudge. How is this possible.

As easily one of the most despicable characters I have made and one of the few that I didn't see going far, Angevin has survived to the final three and knocked off two people in one chapter.

Outside of that, I honestly am so excited to see this Career v Career fight coming up. They're both certainly big threats, particularly to each other. No, just to see who of them makes it...

I'm secretly hoping that -this person _- wins. And no, it's actually not my own tribute. :)

7/7/2014 c36 21Elim9
All right! Back from vacation and getting caught up on reviews!

First of all, I like how the Games are taking their toll on everyone mentally. Pretty much everyone's beginning to lose it a little bit, and that's very realistic and very nice to see. What happened to Calloway was particularly well-done, and I was surprised to see him make it so far. Nicely done.

Not too surprised with our final five, although I'm delighted to see my little Minet make it here. Any of these five would make an excellent victor, and I don't really have any strong leanings one way or another. It's anybody's game at this point, and that'll make it fun to watch. :)
6/29/2014 c36 Glaecier
Calllll! Oh my god, that was the best death scene. Of life. I loved that SO MUCH.

I actually loved him falling in to insanity. It was something I'd never considered but now that I thiink about it something that made loads of sense. He was always so high strung, and while I expected him to sort of fall apart I just expected him to sort of disintegrate. Going to that level of insanity and changing was something I'd never have expected but loved.

And that death scene. I just have to say again. Was the most epic thing I ever could have imagined, ever.

Everything else was amazing as usual Bo. Cant wait for the next two chapters :OOO

6/29/2014 c36 7faceless eater aka slendergirl
Me and Celina dureing Call's monolog: um if you don't remember I'm the one who took away the people you care about.

Oh and who do I want to win Miz
6/29/2014 c36 16QuietConspiracy
Woot woot Dimity's not dead yet! *happy dance*


Like to win: Minet, Dimity, or Mizuko
Want to win: Dimity, obviously. But honestly don't care as long as it's not Angevin, he's the only one I'm not sold on.
Top 5 surprise: Actually, there's not really anyone. They're all here for a reason; if they were incompetent as **** odds are they'd have been bloodbath fodder or not even make it to the final twelve, let alone final five. So there's that.

6/18/2014 c35 Glaecier
Its me! The one who's been missing for a while. I hate school, luckily its over-more time for reviewing and reading.

Favorite for victor: Before this final scene I would have said Syrene. However, her mental state seems to have exploded by now and so I'd predict either Ira or Minet to fight through to the end

Top eight surprise: Cal! I thought for sure he'd be dead and gone right now but he's a fighter!

Its 3AM and I should probably go to sleep, so I'm going to leave it there. Amazing chapter Bo, cant wait for more!
6/12/2014 c35 8SkyeBird128
Yay! Naya gets a POV!

Those bulls really are having fun here. Well, if they're running from something, maybe not *fun*, but they can always take down tributes on their path. Whatever the other threat is, it isn't cancelling out the bulls. It just means another way to die. Well, I bet the other Careers would be satisfied if they could see Naya now. They weren't happy that the explosion left her relatively unscathed, but she's got her fair share of injuries now. Is she surprised that Minet left her? I'm a bit surprised that she didn't take a stab at her before leaving. I mean, she thought Naya tried to kill them. And I'm pretty sure Naya was aware that Minet didn't trust her. Well, at least Minet can't as easily kill Naya now. And they don't have to pretend to trust each other.

To be honest, I'm surprised she's still alive. I didn't expect her to die in the bloodbath, but I didn't think she would make it this far. Dimity, too. There's a bit of tension between them, and yet their alliance is still standing. One of them is bound to die soon, though. Maybe both. Ooh, something's happening. And...it's a tidal wave. Really, Gamemakers? A tidal wave in a ruined city arena? It seems a bit out of place, but then again, the arena is hardly natural. Oh, and there goes Onyx. She wasn't my favorite, and I can't say I'm going to miss her. Wonder if Dimity got away before the wave, or if she was caught in its outer reaches.

Haha, a kid from District Eight of all places is more logical in a way than the Gamemakers are? Uh huh. They probably have their reasons. Ooh, more tributes! The boy from Three...that would be Calloway? So the girl is Biahniz? So, Biahniz versus Syrene. Oh, this is going to be interesting. She disarmd Calloway but didn't kill him? She knows he's going to have to die sometime if she's to win, right? Now Bi's dead, too? Yay, down with the pregnant tribute. I didn't mind her, for the most part, but I really don't like the pregnant tributes in SYOTs. I'm sort of disappointed that Calloway got away. I like the end of SYOTs because the weak tributes have been winnowed out, and the strong are left to vie for the crown. Calloway's hardly among the strongest. I don't dislike him, though.
[The cannon immediate.] - Not sure what you were trying to say here.

Favorite for victor?- Naya. If not her, then...Syrene, maybe?

Are you doing the family interviews for the top eight, Bo?

6/11/2014 c35 7faceless eater aka slendergirl
Biahniz I liked her and I'm sad to see her go

And I want Calloway to win just so the memory's of Ce tortuer him forever :D
6/10/2014 c35 3torystory93
Awww... Poor Onyx... :( :( :( :(

Thanks for writing her so well, and I will continue to read this story!
6/5/2014 c34 Glaecier
Had to take a break from studying for finals to write a brief (sorry!) review of this fabulous chapter. I loved pretty much everything (completely honest.) if I could resurrect someone it would probably be Graecus. If you'll excuse me I think I'll go cry now *sobs*

Anywayssss great chapter and I'm looking forward to more! Again sorry this is so short. I should be doing logarithms.
5/25/2014 c15 Grand Coconut
celina is very interesting. and I wonder what happened to Casper for trying to escape with her. he was probably shot :/
5/25/2014 c11 Grand Coconut
I'm confused by this chapter... so did syrene volunteer? eh i guess ill find out later
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