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for Blood Splatters: The 23rd Hunger Games

5/25/2014 c7 Grand Coconut
i like aurora, she has a lot of personality. and Harley seems like a troublemaker... i kind of like it lmao. oh and I thought Calloway from 3 was cool too i just forgot to review.
5/20/2014 c34 6LokiThisIsMadness
Heyyoo Bo!

Ahh, my poor bbys. I must say, I love Cal, but I'm suprised that he's still alive. I always thought of him as a bloodbath, alongside with Colm, but I guess that he's lucky. Due to Cal's mental sanity, I don't think that he'll last very long. Yeah, this POV showed how much the arena changes the tributes. Flirty Cable turned out to be a man of honor, and gave up his life to protect his friends. Also, Cal is not the same anymore and neither is Bi. They have both changed, because of the damn arena.
What are they going to do? I really hope that they stay together because Bi's speech at the end ;-;
Cal's mind is his greatest weapon so i hope that he gets it back soon.

My beloved Career Pack! After Cal and Bi, they are my favorite alliance. Uhmm, Mini still thinks that the bomb was Naya's plan? Well, if she does, then I don't think that Naya will last very longer. With Minet thinking that she tricked them, Naya could easily end up with her throat slit in the middle of the night.
Ira and Miz! Well, that was expected. I mean, they would have to face each other sooner of later, so now was the right time, i think.
Gray is down! Bby nooooo :'( Stupid Ira. Well, that made me disike her a bit. Not much, but a bit. So, Minet ditched Naya! It's probably for the best, they'll do better on their own.

Sy! I missed you, bby. So, it's Day Four and she has been following that compass since the bloodbath? Good job with stayin' alive, Sy. Where is she going anyway? I don't see the point of the compass, but we'll see. Probably to leader away from the other tributes?
Ohhhh, Harley. Excellent Job, Sy! I wasn't a fan of Harley.

Well, I think that this aliance is reaching its end. Anyway, I don't like either Onyx or Dimity, so i won't mind it. ;P

Question Time!:

Which of the fallen would you resurrect?-
Gray, Colm, Rose, Cable. That way, Mini would have her district partner back, and my bbys alliance would be complete.

Anyway, Bo, amazing chapter!

Update soon, please!
5/18/2014 c32 seventhquill907
the whole cliffhanger effect is kinda killed since the chapter's now up c;

harleen and janos were never my favorites either. i don't think anyone is that insane, so harleen never connected on the realisticality level. and janos has always been boring, i guess.
5/18/2014 c31 seventhquill907
sorry, life's gotten in the way and i honestly don't think you need the details, but not everything's gone right. but, i'm here now!

i never really like rose. it always felt forced with her, so i think it was a good move to end her now.
5/17/2014 c34 8SkyeBird128
Yay, you updated! :D

I'm honestly pretty surprised he's still alive. He never struck me as a survivor. I thought he'd die in the bloodbath, or shortly after it. I bet he'll be one of the next deaths, though. I can't see him as victor. So, it must be odd to watch someone change so dramatically over the course of a few days. The original Cable might have had a chance, but the Cable he became just didn't have it in him to win. Calloway's mental state is clearly deteriorating. His mind was his greatest weapon, and if he loses that, he really won't have much to help him. Why is he thinking about Cable so much? Cable was just...Cable. Biahniz is still alive, and she's a better person. Not that that's saying much, but still.

Yay, back to the Careers! They're getting more and more interesting to read about, what with all the tension around the bomb and stuff. Tribute hunting is fun to read, but it's even better when the Careers distrust each other. Really, they think Mizuko has no desire to kill them? Even knowing that they'll likely kill him when they find him? He might not know how to set a bomb, but it's likely he wants them dead. Oh, yay, the clash of the alliances. :D
And Gray's down? Really, a girl from Eleven was able to kill him? Well, that was unexpected. The Career pack is down to two now, and Minet doesn't exactly like or trust Naya...this is going to be interesting. Oh, and Minet ditched her? Haha, I'm sort of surprised she didn't try to kill her first. xD Naya's odds are better now that she isn't near Minet, though.

Oh, yeah, that compass. What are the odds that Quinn's just screwing with her, leading her around in circles in something? Or just giving her the motivation to survive? And what if Syrene found out? Yeah, that would go well. Oh, look, the symbolic ruined building. xD Must be rigged with some sort of trap, occupied with some tribute, or...maybe Quinn's in there? Yeah, no. I don't think she would come into the arena just to speak with a tribute. Not a great idea. Ooh, it's Harley? :D Nice job, Syrene. I didn't like Harley much. He wasn't my least favorite, but...

Onyx is becoming just an annoyance? How much longer is this alliance going to last? Not much longer, it seems, especially if Onyx is set on finding Angevin. She'd probably die anyways, out in the middle of the arena without any supplies. So, Dimity wants to kill Onyx, though they both trust each other? Maybe Dimity should just abandon her, then, if she trusts Onyx not to find her and kill her. I don't really care for Onyx, so I don't care what happens to her.

"[There was s]o much more sat in her arsenal of logical and personal attacks on Onyx's reasoning"
The brackets?

Which of the fallen would you resurrect?-
Mm...Celina or Calcite.

5/16/2014 c34 7faceless eater aka slendergirl
*high five Celina.* good job I like the way Calloway reacts to cables death.
5/15/2014 c34 3torystory93
Urmmm. uh oh, things don't seem to be going well in Onyx's alliance...

RIP Graecus and Harley. Graecus wan't my favorite, but I quite enjoyed Harley.

Can't wait for the next chapter!
5/15/2014 c34 21Elim9
RIP Graecus. He was about as wonderful a district partner as my little Minet could have asked for, and it was fun to see their relationship develop.

Harley's death was very well done, especially because of Syrene's reactions - first thinking of offering an alliance, not wanting any guilt, but realizing that, yes, this is the Hunger Games, and it's kill or be killed. Only one of them was going to survive that encounter, and I'm glad it was her. It'll be interesting to see what sort of effect it'll have on her.

Speaking of deaths having an effect, poor Calloway and Biahniz. :( Cal's always been one of my favorites, and I love his last line here.

Also loving the contrast between Onyx's compassion and Dimity's practicality. I'm going to side with Dimity here: Wait until the insane child-eating bulls are gone *before* trying to find your missing ally.

Great job. :) Looking forward to more!
5/5/2014 c4 Grand Coconut
Im not crazy about minet, but i do like graceas. Nice chapter!
5/5/2014 c3 Grand Coconut
The district one tributes are interesting, not two typical tributes!
5/5/2014 c33 Glaecier
I thought I reviewed this already! Shame on me.

In school so I'm afraid this review will be a quick one. I love all the characters portrayed in this chapter. A few things that stood out:

Makes sense that Harleen died. I liked her death, though

Cables death was beautiful. It's sad but amazing that it took death to realize his true self

Poor little Cal, losing his innocence

Amazing chapter Bo :) can't wait for more

5/4/2014 c33 16QuietConspiracy
na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na REVIEW TIME!

Out of these twelve, I thought Cal'd be dead by now, and Onyx too.

The deceased don't suprise me except for Harleen and Aurora, so...

na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na GOODBYEEEEE
4/23/2014 c33 8SkyeBird128
*stares* Naya won the poll. I was NOT expecting that. At all. And she gets a POV, too? :D

Yup, it was Harleen. As I predicted ;) She wasn't my favorite, but she was always fun to read, as is the case with just about all psycho tributes. So, I'll admit I'm a bit sad to see her go, but she certainly had a lasting impact on the outcome of the Games. And it was her time. I'm glad Naya escaped with few to no injuries. Minet and Graecus got pounded pretty harshly, but they should be fine. So Minet doesn't believe Mizuko would betray them? He left them so he could join Ira. He probably expects them to be not so happy that he left. He already betrayed them once. It's likely he sees them as his strongest competition, and is planning to kill them or something like that. If I didn't know it was Dimity, I might have guessed it was Mizuko who set the bomb off.
So Minet thinks Naya set the bomb off? That isn't good. One of the good things about Naya being in the Career alliance is that they're not immediate enemies. If Minet doesn't trust her...well, I hope she doesn't want to kill her. Probably does. It *is* true, Naya has somehow managed to survive with no serious injuries. I bet that'll change soon.

Hmm, we haven't heard from Onyx for a while. I don't like her very much. I don't really like Angevin a lot either, but he's more interesting and complex than Onyx is. Woooaaaahh, big metal monster creature on the loose! Run for your lives! xD That certainly spices up Onyx's POV. So they're specifically designed to target each individual tribute? Is Onyx imagining the different forms it's taking, or is a Gamemaker switching the thing to different bodies? Common sense says it's the latter, but maybe the Gamemakers have altered the tributes' brains or given them something to make them hallucinate. So, Dimity and Onyx survived. They didn't hear a cannon, so it's likely that Angevin did survive as well, but maybe the bulls were loud enough to drown it out. I doubt it, though.

Ah, the reluctant allies. I sort of wish Mizuko had stayed with the Careers, but at least his pursuing Ira is creating some drama. I'm surprised Ira is actually allowing him to join her. Back in the Capitol, and even earlier in the arena, she seemed reluctant to have anything to do with Mizuko. He got her a knife and followed her around the Capitol and the arena, but that's no reason to trust him. She got the opportunity to kill him but she didn't take it. So they're going to be allies, I guess.

Aha, so he *did* survive. That's nice to hear. And he's happy to be in the arena? The relief of realizing he's participating in a fight to the death overwhelmed him? Wow. His life back at home must have been pretty awful if participating in the Hunger Games trumps it that easily. Oh, well, now he's back in Eight. He's hallucinating, is he? Or did the Gamemakers design a bit of the arena to model Eight, and create an Aleah mutt? Well, it wasn't really a mutt, as it didn't try to kill him. Well, not *that* kind of mutt, but still a mutt. So, was he hallucinating, or was that little event organized by Gamemakers?

I really never thought he would get this far into the Games. There was even a period of time where I thought he'd die in the bloodbath. But he's gotten to the final half? I wasn't really expecting Calloway to get it this far, either. A few chapters ago, I might not have cared much if he died, but now that the humor in his personality is surfacing, I'm starting to hope he'll survive a little longer just so he can crack a few more jokes. xD I'm almost certain he won't win, though. I'm pretty sure all three of them will die.
And, there's Celina. The mad tribute who may or may not be addicted to orange juice. And...she and Cable died? I have to say, I was not expecting two more to join the ranks of the dead in the last few lines of the chapter.

Who of the twelve surprises you to still be alive?-
Calloway. I was pretty sure he'd be long dead. He was one of my bloodbath predictions, I think. And here he is, still alive and well.

Which of the twelve deceased are you surprised to be so?-
Probably Harleen. I predicted she was the one who died in the bombing, but I'm still surprised she's dead. I thought she'd survive longer.

Awesome chapter! I can't wait for the next chapter. Update as soon as you can!

4/21/2014 c33 3torystory93
This is your best chapter yet.

Naya's POV was particularly disturbing, and had a lasting impact. I can't say that I'm sad to see Harleen go, but hearing about her mangled body gave me some sympathy for her.

Onyx's POV was so exciting, and I got goosebumps. Ugh the bulls were so creepy, and you made me very worried bobo!

This was such an exciting chapter, and I can't wait for the next one!
4/20/2014 c33 baeee
Hii, first time reviewing your story because I just started reading it; I went straight to the games bc I am lazy so please don't hate me. So yeah, I just wanted to say I'm really loving it so far - the arena, the tributes, the plot; they all seem to be playing out nicely and I'm excited to see where this is going.

Okay, I was like 95% Onyx was going to get trampled. If she's this willing to succumb to death, then I really don't know how she's alive. She also seems a bit naive, or not necessarily dependent, but caring, thinking of Angevin before herself. I think she's interesting enough but nothing too special imo.

I kind of thought Celina was going to make it to next chapter. She seems childish and doesn't seem like the type to plan much, so I can see why she died so carelessly, but idk, I thought she had more into her. Maybe if she wasn't as crazy; if she could wait to satisfy her bloodlust, she probably would've gotten a bit farther. I think she was fun though, and I liked her.

I'm definitely gonna submit, but uh, I kind of wrote a tribute up for the next SYOT I stumble upon (yours), but uh, uhhh, I kind of deleted it in Word so I guess I'm gonna have to start writing then. ;n;
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