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for Blood Splatters: The 23rd Hunger Games

4/20/2014 c33 3C1nd3r5
Wow, y'know, Bobo, I'm just happy Cable got this far. When you needed a character to fill a sudden opening, I felt positive that Cable was going to die in the Bloodbath.

Thank you for giving him a good death, one that means something to him.

Excellent chapter! You're doing quite well!
4/20/2014 c33 6LokiThisIsMadness
I knew it. of course, it had to be Harleen. She was the least interesting Career, adn the psyco. Thought I'm sad to see her go, It was for the best. Ah, Naya. I actually like her. She's interesting enough and has a good backstory, so I hope she'll make it far, probably to the finale. Mini! She was worried about Gray! District Two Team! So right know, i love all three Careers.
Uhuh, so Mini thinks it was Naya? Well, one thing is certain, she's the only one who isn't as harmed as Gray and Mini. Sadly, I think Minet will be killing her soon.

Glad to see that they've made it out alright. So Dimity isn't guilty about killing Harleen? Well, that made me like her a lot more. I love the tributes who kill and aren't guilty about it, because they did what they had to do. Their aliance isn't my favorite, but it isn't my least favorite as well. Probably because Angevin is the only tribute I really dislike in there.
Onyx and Dimity are good tributes, but they probably won't last longer together. The mutts were very interesting. I hope they have injured Angevin, better if he has a deadly injure. I don't like him a single bit.

So our favorite District Four tribute if still alive. It's normal, thought, with Ira taking care of him. Oh dear, Ira's a sassy one, isn't she? Ah, so they are bouding. I like them both, a lot. Miz as always been one of my favorites and Ira is becoming one as well.
I loved their little story telling session. Miz and Ira were always made to be allies, and I can see her giving up her revenge in the end for him.
A team? You can't end a POV like that, Bo, I need to know more.

Sadly, he isn't dead. Really, I dislike him a lot. His backstory, personality and name even are eh. i hope he dies soon, that the Careers or Ira and Miz find him and kill him. He's my least favorite tribute so far.

you scared me to the death, Bo! Bitch, how does she dare to attack my Bi! She's pregnant, you monster. Damn, i really hated Celina in there. Go Cal! Wow, I never thought he had it on him to kill he, but he did. Good job! Now go help Bi.
Ah Cable. He died just when I was starting to like him. At least he's with Rose and Colm, now. And he made her proud. Celina is a bitch. I'm glad that she's dead.

Annnnd welcome to the final 12!

Question Time!:

Who of these twelve suprises you to still be alive?-
Calloway and Angevin. Cal is too young and Angevin should have died in the bloodbath.

Which of the twelve deceased are you sprised to be so?-
Rose and Harleen. i thought that they would last a bit longer, mostly Harleen.

Anyway Bo, amazing chapter!
Update soon, please!
4/20/2014 c33 7faceless eater aka slendergirl
Oh Ce I thought you would die like this. you were my best tribute so far but I am sure Stella-Maris will avenge you my sweet sweet Ce. You have a nice home in tribute safe haven with Casper.
4/18/2014 c32 6LokiThisIsMadness
I'm glad that Bi is scared. Yeah, Bo, you probably don't understand but it shows that she's human. And now it's up to her to take care of both Cal and Caleb. As much as I love the Careers, I have to say their aliance is my favorite. Not only because I love all three of them, but because of what they represente. Hope against the Careers. It was normal for her to breakdown, because she know Colm and she loved him and respected him, because her own son/daughter could be in the same situation. And then Rose. Bi couldn't be that brave, and hang on because she had to mourn them. they were friends and not the normal allies.

Yeah, he's probably already dead. Janos is injured and dehydrated, and alone, so he'll probably b be the next to day. If his ally had survived, he could have a chance but not when he's alone. I hope the Careers find him and kill him, as he isn't my favorite tribute. He's probably my least favorite in this chapter.

Of course, it had to be her. That's why i see something more happening between Ira and Miz later in the Games. Why didn't she killed him? She could have and then her promise to avenge her brother would complet. I'm guessing Ira didn't killed him when he was injured because she wants a fair fight, and she wants him to have a chance when they finally fight. I like their relationship and aliance. Miz is probably better with her, than wiht the Careers ebcause she won't kill him until he's good and back on his feet.

Here she is! Ce is still a mystery to me. Yeah, she's mad but she's still an very interesting tribute. I think that she could kill someone, if given the chance and now that she's all high on thst Orange juice. She won't stand a chance if she comes across the Careers, but against someone like Janos, she can win.

So, who died in here? Theory time with Cloe!: So, let's near it down. Minet is safe, surely, because she's meant to become the main villian and be in the finale against Miz or Ira. Gray won't die as well, because Minet needs her district partner and he still has some loose points with his son and character devolopment with Mini. Naya was far away from the bomb, and she still needs to live for a while longer. That's I think it was Harleen. She can't go from a psyco,a nd her time is probably up. Nobody will miss her as well, so it's probably her..

I dislike him that much. Harley has a dull personality, and he doesn't stand out. I liked what happened in here. Boy from seven?I guess that's Janos. Oh well, it was his time already.

Question Time!:

Which Career has Dimity offed?-
Harleen. Reasons are above. ;P

What's Celina going to do, all high on that Orange juice?-
Probably going to kill someone.

Who would you like to see die before we make it to the Final Ten?-
Harley. Besides him, probably Angevin.

See, Bo? I reviewed. ;p I always review.
Update soon, please!

4/15/2014 c25 2Call Me Fin
Three in one day.. This has got to be some sort of record? It's probably because this story is really starting to excite me! So let's get on with it!

Harleen: She really is psycho, I mean seriously it's weird. She's kind of typical though, I mean the crazy career has been done one to many times, and so far I see nothing in Harleen that separates her from the rest of them. So yes, despite her being Miz's district partner, can't say I like her much. Aurora is just annoying, another one I don't like, and I'm kinda hoping Harleen and her simultaneously kill each other. Roan, well he proved himself even just a little bit by hitting the target. Maybe he's more of a competitor than I thought.

Onyx: Onyx is a hard one to forget, she's feisty, and for 13 she's quite good with that Axe. If it wasn't for last years victor, I would think she might be victor.. But eh I still can't see a 13 year old winning. What the heck is Angevins deal? What's he trying to accomplish? Oh who knows.

Bi: You know the pregnant girl thing is extremely extremely cliche and over done, and most times I see it I feel like vomiting, but Bi isn't as bad as I thought. She's realistic, and a fighter, something I love to see in a tribute, and I guess I kind of like her. She may even go places, who knows! The anti careers is definitely interesting, though none of them besides Rose and Bi pose any sort of threat, and I'm sure the careers would dispose of them rather quickly.

Soner: Not a tribute I'm particularly fond of, but I do respect his observance, and it's always nice to have a tribute observe the others, to get an outside few of them. The tributes all look pretty strong this year, and honestly I don't even have any idea who will win;)

Ira: Will forever be a favourite of mine! Even though she's specifically targeting my tribute, I still love her fight, her determination, and her sass! She's a great, complex tribute, that I can definitely see going far, and I'm hoping she does. Mizra.. Enough said. Angevin is getting creepier and creepier, I don't like him die.

Grey: He's really not that bad, a little spacey, and will probably be among the first few careers to fall, but I find myself rather enjoying him whiles he's here. He's not that smartest, but aye he's not an idiot! Minet is a real competitor, and I'd say the strongest career, mentally and physically, so hopefully Miz realizes that!

Okay, questions!

Favourite career? Please.. I think we know it's Miz, but if you mean not my own it'd have to go to Minet.

Favourite Anti-career? Rose. I can't not love the d1 female!

Angevin? Being a creepy fuck that's what he's doing.

Okay, sorry again for delay but yah I'm not the best at keeping up! Anyways, don't kill Miz because I'm late ok -.- bye bae
4/10/2014 c32 4SlightlyBlackSheep
Which Career has Dimity offed?: Graecus or Harleen.
What's Celina going to do, all high on that orange juice?: she wasn't exactly sane to begin with, so anything, really.
Who would you like to see die before we make it to the final ten?: Harley.
4/8/2014 c32 8SkyeBird128
Well, at least she isn't ridiculously, unrealistically brave. Especially in the arena, "fear" can also be interpreted as common sense. Or as irrational thinking. Biahniz may have not done the brave, honorable thing, but maybe she was a bit more sensible, you know? Or maybe she was just scared. So, yeah...just ignore those few lines; they didn't really serve any purpose. So, yeah, this is Biahniz in one of her weaker moments. I can't really see her winning the Games right now. (Well, I never really thought she'd win, tbh.) She does have a chance, and she's definitely not the weakest tribute alive. She isn't the strongest either, though. If the memories of all the tributes she's seen killed are haunting her, she'll become even more reluctant to kill, and you can't be reluctant to kill if you're planning to win a fight to the death. So no, I don't think she'll last much longer.

Roan and Janos. To be honest, I was frequently getting them mixed up earlier in the story. I don't know why. Oh, yeah, and Soner too. Roan, Janos and Soner. All the time. But now two of them are dead, so. I'm pretty sure Janos will join them relatively soon. He's dehydrated and injured, and he's lost a lot of blood. Not a great position to be in when a pack of bloodthirsty trained killers are roaming the area. I'm almost positive Janos won't be the victor; he just never struck me as someone who could win the Games. It's possible, of course, but I'd be pretty surprised. He's among my last choices for victor, and I hope he doesn't win. I don't like him very much. He's not my least favorite, though.

Just as I'd suspected! (But really, who else could it be? Who else would feel the need to save a Career who could easily kill them once healed?) Mizuko was almost dead, right? Not sure she'll be able to save him. I'll be a bit disappointed if she doesn't, as I like him as a tribute, though he can be quite annoying at times. If my predictions are correct, though, they're going to be caught in the explosion. Ira might survive, but I doubt Mizuko will be able to. I hope Ira does survive. I can see her getting far in the Games, and I hope she does. She's one of my favorite tributes. Maybe she isn't my favorite, but she's pretty far up on the list.

Aahh, and here we have our mental ward inmate. The tribute who scored a one. Who got the lowest training score and claims she isn't weak. Well, maybe she isn't weak, but she certainly isn't the most capable tribute out there, not even close. But she's pretty entertaining, and as far as I'm concerned, that makes up for it. (Not for her survival, just for...agh, ignore this.) I'm finding her irresponsibly carefree, mindless acting hilarious. I hope she survives a while longer, because while I don't really wish to see her as the victor, her POVs are really enjoyable. She might actually make it to the top few, despite her training score. I don't think she'll win, though. But she might; she's pretty unstable, from what we've seen.

Another fairly unstable tribute here. But a trained one this time, a psychopath who may actually have a shot at winning this thing. It certainly won't be a surprise if she does. She's a fighter. A killer. The tension between her and Minet is fun to see. I sort of hope one of them kills the other. That would be an epic scene to read. I have to say I'd be rooting for Minet. She's more unique, and in my opinion more awesome, than Harleen is.
Wait, they're at the Cornucopia. Oh, great...yeah, I was probably wrong. If the bomb goes off, it won't be killing Ira or Mizuko. I wonder which of the Careers it'll take down. Agh, the suspense. Well...it isn't Naya, it seems! *cheers* And she got a sponsor, too? Well, things are going well for her. I get the feeling it won't be that way for long. *sighs*

I really don't like him. Though he wasn't dull, he has never really stuck out at all to me, and I don't like his personality much. He isn't the worst tribute, though. His POVs are fairly interesting, but unlike Harleen and Celina and those tributes, they're interesting because of what goes on in them more than because of his personality. But yeah, the events were interesting. The boy from Seven...that would be Janos, right? Aha, I was right. Well...bye, I guess, Janos. He had his entertaining moments, but they all led up to now. At least he can join his allies. *rolls eyes*

Which Career has Dimity offed?-
Not Naya. :) Umm...one of the others. I'm guessing Harleen.

What's Celina going to do, high on all that orange juice?-
Haha, anything. I'm guessing she's going to go on a killing rampage. Well, not guessing; hoping. That would be awesome to see.

Who would you like to see die before we make it to the final ten?-
Mm...Harleen. If she wasn't just killed by the explosion, that is.

Awesome chapter! A bit cruel at the end, but suspenseful. Update as soon as you can.

4/8/2014 c32 3torystory93
Who died? Who died? ANXIETY! ANXIETY!
RIP Janos... I was hoping he would make it longer...
Feeling worried about Onyx...
I must say though, your writing is truly superb and again I'm so glad I found this story!
4/7/2014 c32 Glaecier
You're evil. Extremely evil.

Bi: I really liked her POV. I felt so sorry for her when Colm's photo came up. I felt like crying when she did-which says good things about your writing! Very emotional and written very well!

Janos: Ah poor Janos. Roan and him had the best chance of making it together, but with Roan dead, Janos wasn't quite as strong. Although he probably could have made it, not being drunk is pretty important

Celina: *shivers* that's all I have to say. She gives me the creeps

Harleen: yay, it's my favorite psycho! She doesn't seem too pleased with the career pack. I'd give her a few chapters before she A, splits, or B, snaps and kills everyone

Harley: I hate this guy. Not his character himself, but his personality. Everyone needs a good antagonist, though. I like the fact that he's here. Everyone sees the careers as the main enemy, but if this guy plays his cards right he could easily have a shot at the win.

Overall excellent chapter. MORE. SOON. MUST. KNOW. WHO. DIED.

:P hope for more

4/7/2014 c32 7faceless eater aka slendergirl
What the heck have you gave ce?!

Which Career has Dimity offed?:I don't know

What's Celina going to do, all high on that orange juice?: Killing spree

Who would you like to see die before we make it to the Final Ten?:someone at Ce's hands or stones.
4/7/2014 c32 1tear that cherry out
wait is Celina high on marijuana or orange juice; that is the real question

cliffhangerrrrrrrrrrrrr x2 wow boob you're getting good at this
4/6/2014 c31 16QuietConspiracy
Le lazy-but-still-technically-a-review review:

Dimity's alive and mentally stable, so there's that.


Who will die next? idk maybe Calloway or Janos
Who's going to blow up at the Cornucopia? all of the everybody who's nearby it
Who's with Mizuko? idk and idc
What's out there past the buildings? do I look like I know

And finished.
3/30/2014 c31 4SlightlyBlackSheep
Rose. Very unique tribute. Dead now.
Who's going to die next?: Dimity or Calloway.
Who's with Mizuko?: Ira.
3/30/2014 c31 6LokiThisIsMadness
The Anti- Career Alliance reunion! I'm glad to see that they all left the bloodbath still alive, and with supplies. Bi passed out :( I'm glad that she's alright, as well as you can be in the Games. I'm glad that Rose still thinks she needs to protect them, because they're almost like friends, and not allies. If Rose is so sure they will come, why didn't she insist that they continued on walking? Cal is still the weakest member on the alliance, and sadly I think that he won't last long, Cable is not weak and Bi might be pregnant but she won't go down without so Cal will die next.

I was starting to dislike Sy, because of the crying girl we saw at the interviews and the bloodbath, but now the Sy I love is back!
I'm glad that she returned to be the fighter we all know and love, because she would have died soonif shedidn't. The broken compass is quite interesting. Where will it lead her? My guess is that it will lead hereither to the careers or to some kind of mutt. The president surely has a hand on it.
I hope that Sy doesn't die anytime soon, now that she's back. I want to see more.

Ah, Mini-Murderer! I'm growing to love our Career pack so much. I love how the Careers just seem like normal kids on a camping trip, like they're at summer camp or something. They're so childish. Harleen is my favorite psyco of all, because she's just so funny to read about. Mini and Gray-Gray are becoming quite the pair, and Harleen and Miz. But I wonder about Naya. Why didshe joined the Careers? Does she have any doubts that they will kill her off when the time comes? Harleen, Mini or Gray could kill her in a second, and so could Miz.
They're going on a trip! Let's see were it takes them.

Ah, Dimity! Not exactly my favorite tribute, but I don't mind her at all. So they're going on a suicidal mission. I like their alliance because Onyx, Angevin and Dimity just go well together. I don't like Angevin, but Onyx and Dimity are good.
So they think Miz is the least threatning career? Well,he got a 9 in Training and trained all of his life, sohe might be a little dangerous. No? Ok.
Such an amazing fight scene. Ah, Miz. I'm suprised he got that injured.

Poor Miz. If I hadn't saw who was going to die, Miz would be my first choice. He seems to be very close to death, andhe wants to give up as well. He's bleeding to his death. As for who's with him, I'm almost 100% sure that it's Ira. She has the knife, that Miz gave her. Why not let him die if that's what she volunteered for in thefirst place? Well, probably to be the one killing him. We'll see,

What is wrong with Cal? He seems to be too happy for someone who could be dead in a matter of seconds, and someone that would be dead if haven't got an alliance. That's one of the reasonsI think he'll end up dying next.
Ahh, :( Rose gave up her life for them. I didn't thought she would die so soon, but her death was meant to be at the hands of the Careers. RIP Rose. :(

Question Time:

Who's going to die next?
Either Cal or Janos, because of his wound.

Who's with Mizuko?

What's out there, past the buildings?
No idea. Some kind of mutt?

Anyway, amazing chapter!

Update soon, Bo!

3/30/2014 c31 8SkyeBird128
Biahniz fainted, I remember. It's unlikely that she would have stayed unconscious for that long without any interference. With them hauling her around, I don't see how she stayed unconscious. So, Rosemarie really sees herself as the others' caretaker? Even Cable's? She's not responsible for all of them, or any of them. She's in charge of a group of Anti-Careers. She isn't a babysitter for a bunch of kids. Well, I suppose in a way she is. Aha, Biahniz is coming back to reality. Why did she faint when she saw someone die? If that is the way she's going to respond whenever anyone bites the dust, she won't last much longer. So, this is probably the first chapter where Cable hasn't driven me nuts. I couldn't stand him before, and while I still don't like him much now, he's almost bearable.

Okay, good. She's back to being Syrene, not the crying little girl we saw before at the interviews and the bloodbath. That was a bit unnerving, because her character seemed to change so drastically so suddenly. But now she's back. I'm sort of relieved. So, she left her ally? That move has its upside and its downside. I hope they meet up again sometime. That will be interesting to see. Oh, so the president is playing favorites, is she? xD Has she ever interfered before to help her favorites, or are her actions restricted to family members? This new stuff is all pretty interesting. I have some ideas as for what the individualized necklaces and the compass-that-isn't-really-a-compass might do, but they're probably wrong.

And here we have one of my favorite Careers. Mini-Murderer, who actually isn't that psychotic by Career standards. Which is nice. So, why is Mizuko messing with Ira without telling the other Careers? If it was some plot to get her to lower her guard, he would have probably told the others about it. If it's for personal interests...he does know that there's only one victor, doesn't he? So, I don't like Harleen much. I sort of wish that Naya had killed Soner after he took a stab at Harleen. She's just the stereotypical psychopathic Career. This tribute type was fun to read in the first few fanfics I stumbled across, but at this point, if they're not a really well-made tribute, they're just dull. And while Harleen is anything but dull in the story, she's almost a carbon copy of countless other Careers.

Haha. Not only does she get to go on a mission she deemed unnecessary and suicidal, she gets to be the lucky person to distract the Careers. Lucky her. Mizuko is the least challenging Career to beat? He's not exactly weak. I would have thought they would give that label to Naya, as she's not from a Career district. Wow...that was an awesome fight scene. With four participants, I was expecting someone to die, maybe even two or three. So it's almost a disappointment that all four escaped alive. Well, Mizuko is pretty injured. He won't be as sprightly and able to fight the next time he's attacked by three others at once.
So Angevin has a bunch of sponsors at his command, does he? At a word from him, they'll drop down a parachute or two? That's...handy.

I sort of scrolled to the bottom as soon as this was posted, and I know who's going to die, and it's not Mizuko. If I didn't know he was going to survive, I would have thought he was a goner. I mean, he seems to be fatally injured. He's bleeding to death. But...oh, is that Ira? It probably is; she is probably just about the only tribute who really owes him something. I suppose it might be a Career, but it's unlikely. If it was, she would probably come with the whole pack. Harleen and Minet probably wouldn't act like that. Naya might, maybe, but...I don't know. So, yeah, I think it's Ira.

Seven deaths from the bloodbath, plus however many more (one) from the rest of the day. Eight gone on day one. That's a good amount. It always annoys me when an author picks off, like, three in the bloodbath. Poor, neglected bloodbath, not fed any tributes. *shakes head sympathetically* xD So...Calloway is happier in the arena than he was in the Capitol? Despite the fact that in the arena, his life is so much more likely to end at any second, and just about all of the other tributes are wishing for his death? I was pretty sure he was going to be one of the first deaths, but if he's so enthusiastic and ready for anything the arena might drop on him, I may have to rethink my estimations for his lifespan.
Ahaha, there come the Careers. I wonder who ends up killing her. Well...it seems to really be a joint effort, but Minet seems to have gotten in the last strike, so she can get most of the credit. Well, there goes Rosemarie. Not the most surprising death, but I thought she would live a little longer.

Who's going to die next?-
I still think Calloway is going to die next. He's probably the weakest tribute remaining.

Who's with Mizuko?-
I'm pretty sure it's Ira, for reasons I already explained.

What's out there, past the buildings?-
Oh...um...it could be anything.

Great chapter! I can't wait for the next update.

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