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6/26 c14 6Kensi1997
Wow, tough chapter but it was super good! Very well written! I can’t wait for more! It’s amazing!
6/13 c13 IvyBright
It keeps getting better and better ! I can't wait for the next chapters! I would really love to see some team bonding time and "Horizon family" bonding time in the next chapters :) Keep 'em coming! Pleaaase :)
6/12 c13 Kensi1997
Ekkkk super exciting! More progress more drama! I love it. I’m gonna head over to your new fic now
6/2 c12 115CMCrazies
This is a great story
6/1 c12 nayaxxx
great job!
6/1 c12 6Kensi1997
Such a good chapter and good way of explaining what JJ went through! Can’t wait for more of this story and Withdrawl!
6/1 c12 kaywoof
Great chapter! The story just keeps on getting better and better. I can't wait to see what happens next. Fantastic work!
5/31 c11 IvyBright
As it's been a while, I almost forgot that I read your story, so I got the pleasure of re-reading it from the beginning and got hooked one more time! I'm really interested to find out about how you'll write JJ's and the team's reactions to her story, about the way they will catch Walt and how/if JJ/Shelby will reconnect with her former friends/parental figures. Pleeeease don't wait too long to post the next chapter!
5/24 c11 Kensi1997
I’m so glad your back! This is such an amazing story! I can’t wait to read the rest!
5/23 c11 1MalloryJo
Yay for the update! I’ve been finding time to attempt rewrite more now as well!
5/23 c11 kaywoof
I was pleasantly surprised to see a new update for this lovely story today. I definitely like the direction you are taking it in. By far the best chapter yet, I'm looking forward to reading more! Keep up the fantastic work!
5/29/2018 c9 2Ilena Petrova
Will you ever finish this? Like ever?
8/5/2017 c10 Guest
This story is so good..I was hooked from the beginning ...please please please I beg u..update the next chapter soon and finish the story!
5/17/2017 c10 Ilena Petrova
When will you continue?
12/3/2016 c5 spk
Such an interesting story that I'm re-reading for the umpteenth time. I sincerely hope you will come back to it. :)
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