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10/13/2013 c1 5Sadie Loves DxC
I gotta agree with the person below me somewhat. Not on their first point because I'll always be a Duncney fan. But I do agree that the characters were OC. And sometimes it works when you have the characters being older but for this one it didn't. I can't see Courtney having a one night stand. I can see the abusive relationship if done right. Also I felt the story was to rushed. The idea behind it was good though but the story just needs to be reworked. Hope this helps.
10/6/2013 c1 Butwut
Um... This was a little hard to read. And this is why:

1. Post-WT Duncney sucks.
2. I can NOT picture Scott doing any of that. If you don't like Scottney, y'know, that's cool, but I mean... Seriously bro?
3. This story was cheapened even more at "one-night-stand". First of all, Courtney's too good for that, and second, Scott and Courtney's interactions have been far too adorable for anything like that to happen. I get this is "fanfiction", but if the characters aren't in character, it feels like I'm just reading a story with random characters who have TD names attached to them.
4. Why is Courtney telling Duncan this, exactly? And in a coffee shop? I don't think anyone would spill their whole life story to someone they despise (and in public at that).
5. Just... This was a little embarrassing to read honestly.
10/6/2013 c1 3a9nomis
Please make more please

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