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12/11/2013 c6 wow
idk about this one... it is very deep... but i dont like how he hurt her if u did something like just bump her head no blood it would have been better
12/8/2013 c5 justme98
Beautifully written. Made me cry
12/6/2013 c11 16daisy-chains-and-bow-ties
Oh my God... *sits in stunned silence (I know what I did there) for a few minutes* That was... amazing, and I imagine that unlike Sherlock, that is actually what people usually say. Yowza. The whouffle kiss. I melted into a puddle of delight. Gosh, your standard of writing, and the perfect way you have of saying things without saying them is just astonishing. You could say that it's... astronomical. I mean you're just perfect, and the way you write is mesmerising. I loved how you interpreted the song, and just the writing is so freaking good! This is actually my favourite fanfiction in the universe (the small speck of it my eyes have seen) and oh my god I'm jumping up and down in whouffle feels. Keep writing, keep writing, never ever never stop.
12/1/2013 c1 Guest
Hey can you please keep writing your Scorpio Races story? There are so few of them let alone ones that are as good as yours so can you please keep writing it?
11/25/2013 c11 19Zygella
Basshunter- All I Ever Wanted.
Breaking Benjamin- Diary Of Jane.
Meg and Dia- Monster.
Muse- Starlight.
Muse- Madness.
Rihanna- Monster.
11/25/2013 c11 1whoufflemysouffle
Another beautiful chapter omg
THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR KILLED ME IT WAS SO GOOD, especially in the cinema :)
11/24/2013 c11 10RememberMeWhen
The lyrics reminded me of the lyrics to one of my fav songs: Remember when/ you were my boat/ and I was your sea/ and together we'd float so delicately. Beautiful writing, absolutely perfect! You should check out Somewhere Only We Know by Lilly Allen or Slow it Down by the Goo Goo Dolls, if you're ever stuck for inspiration.
11/23/2013 c11 12Reader244
A date with the doctor would almost certainly end in chaos, but this was really cute.
Also I agree with you on the 50th. About everything.
11/23/2013 c11 31AMysteriousWoman711
How does one critique something so poingnant and delicate? This story was like music to my ears... :o) Still haven't seen Day...waiting until Monday to see it in 3-D. But from what I hear that everyone is saying...is that it's wonderful. And that is very good news, indeed.
11/23/2013 c11 29littlexkiller




11/14/2013 c10 Guest
Oh my god you are the most fabulous fabulous person in the subset of fabulous people! I share your complete and utter inability to even form cohesive versions of my inner narrative when it comes to the 50th. All my babies in the same Tardis is simply too much for my fangirl heart to cope with. And when Eleven is all grinny and spinny, showing everyone around his Tardis and Ten just swaggers in and you just see his face instantly morph from a five-year old on Christmas day to a five-year old who's had his cookie snatched from his little fingers. And they just fangirl over each other and it is going to be FABULOUS!
Now, to business! And make reference back to my first point because it is very relevant. You deserve all the happiness the heavens (and the fiber cables that connect our two world together) can shower upon you! That was amazing, extraordinary. I love a bit of Martha, she is THE BAMF of the Whoniverse. The Woman Who Walked the Earth. Fantastic! And Clara, she was just perfect, as always. Inclined to disagree with the statement that she could ever be 'too perfect'. And le kiss was fabulous.
Very interesting 'villain' too, the whole me thinking, 'OH CRAP CLARA AND SOUFFLE GIRL DO NOT BE SAD DOCTOR I LOVE YOU' when he was a human inside a Dalek. I'm guessing that the Doctor knew then ins and out from Asylum of the Daleks? But yeah, wow.
You are fantastic!
11/13/2013 c10 Catherine
You always do such a good job with these! I love it when you update :)
11/12/2013 c10 19Zygella
Hey pssst hey if Rosé(? what's with the e?) is with John Hurt then could she have been the one to have him tock lock his whole planet in the first place? This make no sense and I'm running on light-in-the-hallway power right now but I swear that's what I'm thinking.

You go girl? Really? What kind of bullshit is that crap? XD I told you I no liek shout outs. Pet peeve. Big pet peeve. Right next to the word pet peeve. Don't do it again unless you want to annoy me to high Gallifrey. TT

I'm still overly obsessed with Lion King and lions right now, if you still go on scratch I made a Lion RPG. Doctor Who's kinda slipping into it, I have a lion named Theta and a Lioness named Rose. X3 DON'T JUDGE MEH

Why am I rambling? I dunno. Again I'm runnin on crap-ass power right now and my teeth hurt. (Stupid braces) So yeah, nice chapter! (it's not liek anyone's going to care a requested it. XD all my stories are a bunch of crap and it's a miracle I have some people actually READ it, but with yours it's so easy. XD)
11/12/2013 c10 31AMysteriousWoman711
Okay...good strong chapter. Not my personal favorite of these...(I hate Daleks), but still...I liked the ending. ;o) But that's not the reason I'm posting something here. You wanted someone to share all your 50th trailer feels with...so that's what you shall receive. In spades. :oD

1st: OMG the sonics! "The sonic wars"...just...wow...the cheekiness! I was just going..."Really, guys? A penis joke? In Doctor Who? REALLY?" *Dies laughing* XD
2nd: Along the same lines...the synchronized leg-crossing! I wonder how many times they had to rehearse that to get it near perfect? I soooooo want to see a blooper reel for this movie... ;op
3rd: BAD WOLF. Rose Tyler. ROSE-FRICKIN-TYLER. Is back...*OMG*...and hanging with John Hurt's Doctor...but WHY? What the heck is going on *there*, eh? Plus, I can't wait to see how 10/11 react to seeing her again? Or would they already know/remember?
4th: Whouffle, man! The Whouffle feels are killing me! Like you, I noticed both the *adorkable* double-high five and the Spinny Hug...*SQUEEEE!* But then...the crying! Why is Clara crying? I don't want Clara to cry...what the heck is he saying to make her cry?
-These trailers are driving me crazy, too...way too many feels all at once...I am gonna be a wreck-a big, blubbering WRECK-when I watch it in theaters on Nov. 25th...
But it makes me happy to see that I won't be alone in my blubbering... :o)
11/12/2013 c10 1whoufflemysouffle
Brilliant chapter ahhhh! Hope you feel better :)
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