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10/24/2013 c1 4raneko.Otaku
oh shoot...Loki...i feel for you, bro...feels...so many feels...
10/11/2013 c1 17kriitikko
Okay, so first I thought this was part of your Loki & Sif centric stories, and I suppose to certain extent it could be, but when I realized it is its own thing I had to put myself in a new set of mind while reading.

So as I've said often, I don't much about Norse mythos, you could basically say "and Thor rode a rainbow unicorn" and I would believe it. But does Balder die in the mythos this way? I'm pretty sure I've seen him in comics and you did mention him having a witch wife (or maybe I confuse them again). I do get that this works in the "movieverse" as so far we haven't seen Balder.

What did I think of the story? I enjoyed it. I always like reading your stuff because your love for mythos shines through, but you write them simple enough that even slow me can follow. You write the pre-villain Loki really well, making it clear to see where he comes from and what motivates him. I am hoping to still read your villain-Loki at some point, when you discard all the sympathy from him.

Interesting take on what happened - or might have happened - that started the shit hits the fan process. Good job. ;)
10/10/2013 c1 43MacMhuirich
I like your take on Baldr's death. His death runs like a red line through mythology as a portend to Ragnarök and Loki's jinxed and turns out to be the instrument that'll lead to the 'twilight of the gods'.

You've managed very well blending myth and Marvel comics (incl. the movies). I like those stories.

Okay, in short: love it!

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