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for A Human and his Gardevoir: Reloaded

1/8 c1 3Kestrel
This is probably the sixth time I’ve read this in the last year XD
11/12/2020 c24 warfighterzack
hahaha i love that ending it was to good grace is a savage im dead
11/3/2020 c23 warfighterzack
its use not using and its your move not you're move fix your grammar retard my god i swear you have grammar like a fucking Mexican
10/31/2020 c22 warfighterzack
its icy wind not ice wind oml this grammar is so bad
10/29/2020 c21 warfighterzack
its your brother not you're brother omg ffs are you seriously this retarded that you actually can't get your shitty grammar corrected? im smh at this point
10/29/2020 c1 WTF
10/29/2020 c20 warfighterzack
you did make mistakes alright like this one that guy really good correction: that guy is really good and also its trust me you will not he will i swear i bet you made so many mistakes on these chapters im just facepalming atm of these mistakes it seriously looks like a kid with grammar mistakes just turned this story into complete nonsense oh the irony
10/29/2020 c19 warfighterzack
10/29/2020 c18 warfighterzack
its you'll never surpass me your grammar still needs fixing and now that ik the rhyperiors wanted to kill instead of rape well getting killed by a rhyperior wouldn't look pretty after all it would look bad really bad kinda like your grammar
10/29/2020 c17 warfighterzack
its your human not you're human and its your land not you're land learn fucking grammar retard after im done reading all 60 chapters of this story im never reading this shitty story full of shitty cringy messed up grammar ever again
10/29/2020 c16 warfighterzack
its she needed not he needed and its until he gets woken up not until he gets wakes up omg this grammar makes me fucking cringe ugh
10/29/2020 c15 warfighterzack
you really gotta fix the grammar on these chapters also i thought that scene was gonna be NSFW with the horny rhyperiors alright and their giant dicks all hard maybe they were just horny idk
10/29/2020 c14 warfighterzack
its evolve not evolved your grammar needs way better improvement
10/29/2020 c13 warfighterzack
i guess hat story her brother? now wtf kind of retarded grammar nonsense is that? omfg thats cringy grammar there
10/29/2020 c12 warfighterzack
ok i see one grammar mistake and one comment that makes no sense its i wouldn't do that if i were you and its he would electrocute her not eletrocute him retard don't get the genders mixed up dumbass
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