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3/26/2009 c1 tenken22
Good one, it emphasises the paternal bond between Hiko and Kenshin through the latter making a prat of himself... the same reason we came to love him! Sweet fic, this one.
9/21/2006 c1 Kajeth
8/30/2005 c1 3bscl43
AW. That's so fucking cute.
11/3/2004 c1 PraiseDivineMercy
This is truly sweet.^_^
10/4/2002 c1 53Jessiy Landroz
it's nice~! I like alot! ^_^
9/25/2002 c1 12Kat36
This is a clever and unusual twist in their relationship. Very good!
9/21/2002 c1 83Misanagi
I thought this was a nice fic. I am a sucker for Kenshin and Hiko fics, I love their relationship and I think you did a good job showing another side of it.
9/19/2002 c1 22Akal-Saris
Heh...very good view of how Kenshin suddenly becomes so much more comical around Hiko than he usually is ^_^

I liked this, very introspective...well done!
9/19/2002 c1 153Jason M. Lee
i like this. a good look into the softer side of Hiko (if ever shown) and the fun side of Kenshin when he was still young. (small note: it's Hiko Seijurou, surname then first name. oddly, we still call the big man by his last name for some reason. *shrugs* sounds better that, i suppose) ^\^
9/19/2002 c1 13Unseen Watcher
HEY! I thought I commented on this one already! Well, I still think it's a real thought provoker. I stand (or sit) corrected.^_^
9/19/2002 c1 10infinite nemo
cute! =) really interesting take on the kenshin/hiko relationship! ^_^ i'm convinced kenshin isn't always such a baka (or i can hope) - i really liked this, and can't wait to see what else you write! keep it up- this was great =).

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