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3/22 c16 adolebitque
good story, hope you are doing well and able to continue this!
12/18/2021 c16 Mamy 83
Pourquoi les meilleures histoires ne sont jamais terminées, c'est assez frustrant de se dire qu'on ne connaîtra probablement jamais la fin. Dommage
11/23/2021 c8 1theFreakno4
oh Tomling, dream as you might, he'll never be that, the same could apply to you,
12/8/2020 c16 Eragon135790
great great ff. please author-san grant us another chapter.
10/25/2020 c16 francynco
please continue this is really good
6/30/2020 c16 JanaNoAccount
Woooow this review has been a long time coming (since the start of you FF yesterday as I seriously coudn't put it down).
Among all the other HP FF yours is really standing out, I love the round characters, the innovative plot, the different points of view and pretty much everything in between. Your philosophical and deductional abilities in this FF are amazing, believe it or not next to Buddha and Sartre there will be a quote by "BabblingSquirrel" on my wall of quotes xD.
There are the stories where you feel like you read it all before, and then there are those that outsmart you and I just love all the strategical thinking you have going on here.
Finally congratulations to a really independent Harry, I am SO fed up with him always bending to the will of his "dominant partner" in the Slash FF and was looking forward to a relationship that is finally on eyelevel.
And here we come to the point - how COULD you just stop like this!? (insert me making puppy eyes). I feel this story has SOOOOO much potential and I would totally love to see Harry rocking Hogwarts, the relationship with Tom that is just budding come to new levels, get to know your new character you wanted to introduce and see how Harry becomes a political leader/adviser! Also about that character development you talked about I have the impression that you are one of the authers that can really make it work instead of just letting the main pairing fall into a blissfull state of perpetual closeness and happiness.
So PLEEEEEEEEAASE pretty please go on writing this amazin FF, I'm actually considering getting myself an account, to be notified if you do.
Greetings from Germany
4/1/2020 c16 1Kiramiel
I love this story soooo much! Please continue with you beautiful work! *does the puppy-dog eyes*
12/30/2019 c16 Ecks Serevi
really enjoying this story so far.
7/22/2019 c16 Simply Liquid Moonlight
Oh this is fun. I hope it's not abandoned.
7/9/2019 c16 Guest
I really love this story. I hope you continue it sometime.
6/1/2019 c16 firephoenix1109
This story is amazing and one of the best I have read on here. I would love if you magically returned to writing it and updated this story, but even without a conclusion in site this story is wonderfully original in certain ways and very engaging. Well done.
3/28/2019 c16 RavelynEver
I love the story plot and it is also so well written
Please continue with your beautifull work
3/2/2019 c16 abrunetteweasley
I don't know how I found this but I'm glad I did. It's sooo good. Now I'm praying that you'll feel like posting another chapter anytime this year.
1/12/2019 c15 Aetherium21
Wonderful story, hope to see it continue someday
1/7/2019 c16 10Emerald Time
Oooh! Harry's finally meeting with Dumbles! I love this so much! Thank you for writing and sharing this! I would love to read more if you are planning to continue this (please say you are). Good luck in your writing!
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