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10/20/2016 c3 maxe03
You so have him like cannon being dim about himself and thinking he's average and stupid/borderline gay about women and be total ridiculous or a stickler for the rules about the dumbest stuff. Like how he finally stupid being stupid and started being truth to himself and instincts,since I don't know anyone who would turn down a night and drinking and fun before they might die the next day
10/18/2016 c9 MasterOfDragonsGod
Great to see more of this. Reveal Authorities in next chapter.
10/18/2016 c9 1399
This is a good story. And you are doing this for free so if you have RL problems don't worry about it. Great chapter!
10/18/2016 c9 Anikong
Looking forward to this story taking off again after such a long hiatus
10/18/2016 c9 Heika
I would rather know now if you do not mind.

Thanks for returning!
10/18/2016 c9 Kshail
So yeah I'm glad to see you updated again. Funny thing I was actually thinking about this story a few days ago. As far as me reading this goes...I'll read it for as long as you'll write it. I'm a huge Campione fan so you'd have to do something extreme for me to not read it. I think it would be cool to have a list of the authorities and their restrictions etc. But as long as it's clearly described in the story whenever they come up then it doesn't matter much to me. I'm hoping you update more regularly or get your muse for this story back. In either case I'm still enjoying this.
10/18/2016 c5 Kshail
So I'm rereading this because you updated and I have to say you have some nice touches here and there. The baseball reference during the fight was kind of cool because it fits Godou as the baseball nut he is. As far as the fight scene goes it was well-described and I could clearly picture everything happening...some people have fights happen in only a few sentences but I think you struck upon the right balance between describing what's happening in detail and letting events happen rapidly.
10/17/2016 c9 ZenithTempest
You don't have to apologize for having to live your life and your writing suffering as a result. Write when you want to and when you can, don't feel you owe us, the readers anything. Take your time and get your affairs in order before you try to get back into it. Forcing yourself will just lead to lower quality of writing and lead to less desire to actually write at all. That said, I appreciate that you do care so much.
10/17/2016 c9 32SeerKing
Yay! You're back! Looking forwrd to more from you
10/17/2016 c9 piddle
good chapter
9/17/2016 c8 InfinityMask
Amazing story, and very interesting! I like it very much... Btw I only know few things about champione(basically anime and few things) can I ask questions to you about it from time to time?

Btw aren't Erina here become too Tsundere? From what I remember she actually quite forward with her affection to Godou..

Anyway please keep up the good work!
9/13/2016 c8 Baron O Beefdip
Really, screw Shizuka and her pussification of her brother. He needs to stand up to her (well, lean down to her) and tell her like it is; he can do what he wants, WHEN he wants and if she doesn't like it? Too bad!

I hope you'll have the dominating Godou begin to have more reign and eventually subplant the squishy, submissive side. Gigilo's more fun to read than the constantly backpedaling, self-denying, cow-towing to anything female Goudo of canon (and oftentimes) this story.

I really hope you don't get bogged down by writer's block or real life issues and are able to churn out more chapters soon! Really love this fic!
9/13/2016 c3 Guest
This fic is hilarious as well as and utterly engrossing. I'm hooked. BUT... I wish there was a lemon. ;(
9/3/2016 c8 Zaberith
I have always wondered what godou would be like if it was Melqart he killed instead. Thanks for providing succh a great story I love how different yet similar godou is keep up the great work and i cant wait for the next chapter
4/18/2016 c8 3T51b Moridin
The history association wanting to drink themselves under the table was hilarious. And that bit with the family was cute. I like how he automatically corrected it to foursome lol.
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