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6/16/2016 c10 1VvegteHD
I wish you continued this story
5/30/2015 c10 Dragon Rider Leonid
Great Story, Continue it...
1/19/2015 c10 dreamdemon 97
Please make more chapters
4/6/2014 c4 Rick439
I fucking hate it. It's way way WAY to cheesy. Come on really? He blacks out when she ask him out? I can't enjoy it. Avery time I start to like it something cheesy pops up. Like the brothers staring at the sister. They not like that. So some respect. I love high school A&O's, but I can't enjoy it. Sorry for being so hush.
12/2/2013 c10 The dark shadow
I love it
11/18/2013 c9 lillysdreamer
Awe man I thought it was an update got so excited lol
11/8/2013 c8 guest a
i don't mind you taking your time in the story line. in fact i like a long story.
it is just really hard to follow when you don't update for a long time.
but, who am i to say? i don't know what is going on in your life!
it would just be nice if you updated more.
11/8/2013 c8 The dark shadow
I love it
11/8/2013 c1 4bmiller0710
Sandy miller
Age 17
Long sleek black fur most guys trip on ther tails when they see her.
drives a 69 hemi berricuda
Moved schools when her foster parents threw her out and is now looking for new friends maby some that can protect her...
11/6/2013 c7 The dark shadow
I love it
10/30/2013 c6 The dark shadow
I love it
10/21/2013 c5 guest a
sweet story.
i like how the chapters are, but it would be nice if you made them a bit longer.
update soon!
10/21/2013 c5 The dark shadow
I love it
10/12/2013 c4 The dark shadow
I love it
10/11/2013 c3 23The Lonely Blitz
Not bad. Work on seperating speech though and a bit more descriptive words used. Other than that, not a bad story.
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