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for Three Years

2/15/2016 c3 Diamondfiend
Really enjoyed this fic! It delved into the psyche of my childhood favorite SSX character in a way deeper than the games ever could and expounded on a lot of interesting subjects going through the head of Griff Simmons. I gotta admit this fic seems really underrated, and I honestly wasn't expecting much when I put Griff into the search parameters, but this was a pleasant surprise.
10/9/2014 c3 1SSXfanatic
What a cool short story! I can only assume that this is frightfully under-read, which is definitely the case for the whole section. Since the hype for SSX died out there isn't much outlasting interest in the way of SSX news.

You went very in-depth with Griff, probably more so than the games could possibly let on, so this is definitely a good read for fans of the character.

SSX 3 was definitely the best in the series, but the new one was really cool as well. Did you ever play the 2012 game?

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