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1/16/2017 c1 Robin's Nest Chick
I love Steve's truck, it's way cooler than the Camaro. In fact, I learned to drive on a Silverado!
6/2/2016 c1 Guest
Never watched Lone Ranger but knew the reference. Danny always does seem to win a verbal sparring match. Loved it.
11/15/2013 c1 36francis2
10/18/2013 c1 31DalWriter
I love stories about the cars. This was very cute.
10/11/2013 c1 8storyfan101
I have come to realize that more women than men know how to drive standard, so Danny may very well have had a learning curve. I spent my childhood helping out at the farm and been driving stick shift since I was like 12, so I am always surprised when someone doesn't know how to drive a manual transmission.

You're not old though, because I remember those Lone Ranger reruns and I'm NOT old! ;-)
10/8/2013 c1 Jean25
Great job, and I too used to watch LR in reruns of course. Love your dialog and humor.
10/8/2013 c1 Guest
Big Kahuna Pizza is very real and has the best garlic knots on the planet!
10/8/2013 c1 donnag
Funny, funny story! I'm so glad to see you back again! I think you are one of the best writers on here. Hope you will write more very soon!
10/10/2013 c1 28Rogue Tomato
This story had me laughing so hard! It was fantastic! :)
10/9/2013 c1 jodiesto
10/9/2013 c1 440Mari217
Oh you made my day. My oral surgery, gonna lose the tooth anyway, operating to remove abscess, day. And that's no easy task. I knew it would rock when I saw a new fic from you. Please, please do more one shots like this. Fun, funny, family. No whump, no slash. Many many Danno hugs from NJ coming at you, Mari
10/9/2013 c1 36Runner043
Hey, Cokie, nice to meet someone here in my age bracket. I also used to watch Lone Ranger reruns, although I was actually born during their original run.

Steve was totally grinding the gears!... and totally ignored Danny's chastisement for it, too.

Glad to read that the new Camaro is okay.

So glad you included the meaning of Kemosabe! Too funny.
10/9/2013 c1 112Qweb
Loved this. I got the title.
10/9/2013 c1 6WolandR
LOL, beautiful! Loved the banter and the irony.
I actually went and looked up some articles on the origins of "kemosabe". Interesting stuff :)
10/9/2013 c1 3FlamMabel
That was funny. Cute little story. Thanks for sharing. :)
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