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for What About Me?

10/17/2013 c1 1The Hidden Flare
I see what you did there, not bad.

Good luck with your work.

The Hidden Flare.
10/8/2013 c1 I dont write much at all
I'm for sure going to check out angels reflection. This was very well written and sparked my Intrest. Good job
10/8/2013 c1 12RobinsonSiblings
Before looking ... either Classic Sonic or (first guess) Ashura. I really think it's Ashura. Now let me check ...
10/8/2013 c1 49ShinyShiny9
! And he got the li'l Tails Doll!
Cute poem. May want to give it a T, though, for the language.
10/8/2013 c1 2Alexia-90-20
Tails Doll!

Or maybe Scourge or Sonic .EXE

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