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5/2/2014 c7 gallena
Really awesome story.
11/1/2013 c7 itsi3
10/31/2013 c7 Lilith Leazman
Loved this. _
10/30/2013 c7 43Anya-Paradox
Oh my goodness I loved absolutely everything about this story. Your characterization was perfect, especially Merle! I loved that last chapter too, when he says "I'll get it right someday" or something to that effect... Very uplifting :) fantastic job.
10/23/2013 c7 26seven days later
Where do I begin? I haven't reviewed every chapter solely because I couldn't wait that long to get to the next one! I'm fairly new to the Carol/Daryl following but man you hit the nail on the head. The way you switched between Daryl's two most important (and pretty much his two only, I suspect) relationships was perfect, and I think ending it on Merle was the delicious icing on top of the cake. And if you knew how much I love both cake and icing, then you would be very proud of this masterpiece. I take my cake comparisons very seriously. Anyway, absolutely loved it! Couldn't find fault if I wanted to, and I hope that one day I manage to squeeze out a story half as awesome as this one. Sexy and poignant have never gone together so well... you have a talent, my dear, and I am immensely glad you have chosen to share it with the world.

Thank you for one of the best fanfictions I have EVER read. :D

-Seven xx
10/14/2013 c6 Guest
The last sentence and quote are a great final touch! Beautiful
10/16/2013 c7 4ArtLightLove
Love this.
10/15/2013 c7 11i luv ewansmile
Really love the flashback chapters!
10/15/2013 c6 i luv ewansmile
Aww. Really liked that he's trying.
10/15/2013 c7 7definitelywalkerbait
Damn, I'm crying like a baby. Big brother is in town and has Daryl's back :) The same Merle that drove himself straight to the Governor's camp to take care of the dirty job. I have no words to tell you much I loved this epilogue, certainly captures so many subleties and provides a multi-dimensional insight of their relationship. It makes sense that Daryl would always forgive him and, under that same prism, it also makes sense that he initially refused to abandon him after Woodbury and went off with him.

Well, I'm sad this story is over. Really sad! But your writing is a true gift for greedy readers and I hope you will soon bless us with more of this wonderful talent :) You know, I usually say that there should be a jewel box where some truly incredible chapters of various fics would be kept and admired and worshipped by the fandom. If it was up to me, I would definitely put every single chapter of this story in there :) For what it's worth, that's how I feel about your work. Thank you for sharing this, I consider myself lucky!
10/15/2013 c6 definitelywalkerbait
Thank you for your kind words. You deserve everything I have said and I'm grateful you shared this little piece of amazing writing with us :)

I really liked Carol's awakening and totally agree with your choice to disentagle her decision from Daryl and associate it with Sophia. I enjoyed her comfortable interaction with T-Dog and yes, Shane is the kind of man who could have helped her with his straight methods. The last scene inside Daryl's tent was beyond sweet and realistic, it felt like she was throwing crumbs to him until he finally picked up on them. "... like easing into fate." I swear I will steal this line someday and hopefully I'll remember where I stole it from to give you credits!
10/15/2013 c5 definitelywalkerbait
You are brilliant, you know that? I actually wish you'd write a Daryl/Carol/Merle fic. The way you dive into their mindsets is impeccable and I can only drool thinking of the explosive combined dynamic you'd conjure in a story with the three of them :)

Once again I was wowing line after line in this chapter. Merle is back physically, but completely absent emotionally and his relationship with his brother has turned into absusive and dominative. His verbal assault ties up ideally with Daryl's inexistent self-esteem in the previous chapter and offers a great glimpse of how his aloof, aggressive and defensive demeanor was molded.

Your descriptions are so intense I can barely breathe, the tension between the brothers so thick that can be cut with a knife, Merle's bitterness and cruelty an indisputable sign of how broken he is (because what he really feels is that their mother failed them in every possible level by being too weak) and Daryl's bone deep pain coming out in a mask of anger and rage is a truly realistic cope mechanism. I loved that recurring theme of his anger here, how he draws strength dwelling in it. I think it was in chapter 2 that he failed to do the same with Carol. Nice parallel :)
10/15/2013 c4 definitelywalkerbait
In case you had any doubt about what a horrible reader I am, I guess I just proved myself again :) But, yay me, I'm back!

This chapter was... I need to invent a new word to describe what this chapter was... Modestly put, it was pure magic! Your concerns about the story not being the usual sweet Caryl stuff is understandable, but given that it is set in season 2, it wouldn't make sense for Daryl to be overly tender. So, no worries, my opinion is that it's painfully in character in an amazing way :) To get back to the story, this chapter is my absolute favorite and you can only imagine what that means since I found the previous one to be sheer perfection! I'm totally fangirling for you!

Daryl lashing out was one of the best I have ever read, perfectly mirrors how alienated he feels from the group and how he perceives himself to be nothing more than the guy to take care of the dirty job, that he's no hero, just the beast lurking in the shadows. It was heartbreaking to read, but realistic! Another punch in the gut! And yes, that's exactly how his character orbitted around the group in season 2, completely consumed by a sense of worthlessness after Sophia was found as a walker.

And the sex scene was just so right, you know? Like exactly how it could have happened. Hot and intense, with unleashed animalistic instincts and bordering on violent *sigh* And of course, shame and guilt flooded in right after. When he apologized, oh girl, you made me an emotional wreck! Extra kudos for Carol's introspection and train of thought throughout the chapter. Congrats!
10/14/2013 c6 24serpetinefire
that was a sweet ending :) love picturing Carol workin her butt off to build up her "guns"
10/12/2013 c4 10Merle's Right Hand
Awesome! Love it!
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