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for Angry Harry and the Seven

9/29 c1 theepicplay85
This was an amazing story. Thank you for writing this.
9/27 c87 The pervy sage jiraiya
This may be my first ever review but it’s well deserves. This story took me a week to read it has destroyed my sleep schedule staying up to read more chapters. It’s very rare to find a story that has a very good and thought out ending and I can honestly say I’m sad to see the story end. 5/5 from the Sage
9/18 c87 jen
What a great story.
9/20 c87 3Scabbers1957
This was an awesome story, I'll add it to my story favs.

9/19 c87 TheFatGuy2020
greatly enjoyed after binging. highly recommended
9/19 c40 Erizar
Dropped at chapter 40. Not a fan of the weird idea that hexing someone is Ok just because they are male. Especially in this chapter when it was established that the males made a generous gift. Maybe it's meant to be humurous, but it makes no sense for Harry to tolerate it, and makes hypocrites of the women engaging in the abuse when they proclaim they have empathy/sympathy for Harry's upbringing in this story. There is also the oddly forced plot hole of Harry observing a befuddled Ginny by Myrtles Toilet, not talking to murtle despite knowing that she was the only fatality the last time the chamber was opened.
9/12 c26 1Warboss Grock1
Chapter 26. My only complaint on the story so far is that Dumbledore hasn't learned to be wary of words around harry. He just doesn't learn anything.
9/8 c22 4RT89
To the twins comment qbout the kitchen, I amend except for Ron who would drag his bed down from Gryffindor tower and move in.
9/4 c87 Griezz
Sometimes, the simplest reviews work the best... I truly enjoyed this story. Was Harry OP? Yes. Did that lessen the enjoyment of the story? Not at all. Thank you for putting so much time and effort into your work.
9/1 c87 2Scifigrocerygal
That's not fair to make me cry! Excellent story!
8/29 c87 Guest
Come on I’m freaking crying
8/29 c87 Guest
That was amazing all of it was so amazing and the ending
8/31 c87 snazzieshazzie
oh, that was beautiful. thank you so much.
8/30 c87 DaughterOfAthena1014
This might be my favorite fanfiction I have ever read. Great job! This is well written with a great plot. You are a wonderful writer and have a talent for. Once again, incredible job on this fanfiction, it will definitely go on my "read again/absolute favorites" list of fanfictions.

Wishing you the best in your writing journey,
8/24 c84 Re Lovely Lover
It didnt say anything about Parkinsons contract but one can imagine and its depressing and disgusting all around.
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