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for Angry Harry and the Seven

17h c84 Reaper1990
Haha stark industries lol
11/30 c75 Reaper1990
Oops my mistake lol.
11/30 c75 Reaper1990
Small mistake your astoria is a brunette not blonde.
11/28 c60 Lku
60 feet long and Luna and Ginny and Astoria are all in the same year
11/28 c81 HiztitdkgdjfKgx
Ahem, the name of Bilbao is in spanish in basque it would be Bilbo. And yes I know that can be a rare choice for a persons name
11/30 c60 Reaper1990
Simon should have graduated by now? What is he still doing there.
11/27 c58 bob
Not the come and go room.
Its in The Lost And Found Room that shares the same place as The Room of Requirement. But is in a different space of time. So you would have to go out of the room and ask for it .
11/29 c54 Reaper1990
Please let harry and the seven become animagi. Also without a doubt Harry should be a peregrine falcon animagus because of his love of flying.
11/29 c49 Reaper1990
Loooooooooooooool this Harry is perfectly suited for both arithmancy and antient runes. Lol
11/29 c31 Dretnuh
Okay I’m sorry? So some of the younger people were completely clueless of what’s going on?! YOU MEAN THE PEOPLE THE SAME GOD DAMN AGE AS NEVILLE AND THE FOUR GIRLS HE MADE OUT WITH?! So it’s just as long as they aren’t a main character they aftually act their age or what?! So stupid….
11/29 c31 Dretnuh
Okay this is kind of weird… like, theyre all 11. Ill give you a pass for Daphne snogging Harry because it was really romantic and the magic or contract changing them or whatever bs. But you’re telling me that 4 different 11 year old girls all immediately made out with Neville just because he wrote them some notes that probably said like “I think you’re really pretty” or whatever (obviously much more fancy and propper sounding). Four different girls, who are all individuals who have their own unique personalities, all reacted exactly the same. By literally throwing themselves at him one after the other for what is more than likely THEIR FIRST KISS, and for some reason they aren’t embarassed to have their first kiss in front of the entire school, or have it be while making out instead of like a peck on the cheek… like that i could believe! If each of them just gave him a hug and a peck on the cheek that would be perfectly believable! But no instead they immediately jump on their close male friend to make out with him one after the other in front of the whole school?! With no embarrassment or awkwardness like a regular 11 year old… This is literally the first mention in the stort of Harry and Daphne snogging! And they have ancient mystical magic literally making then like each other more! But noooo little old embarrassed and skittish and shy and nervous Neville is now an absolute gigachad now I guess. Like is Neville getting a harem or some shit…
appologies for the book i just wrote here, but i neede to get thay out.
11/29 c30 Dretnuh
Dude I’m just wondering when the pace skyrockets forward, because it is chapter 30/87 and we are literally only halfway through first yesr of hogwarts…
11/28 c24 Dretnuh
Bro… Dumbledoore, at this point it should be pretty obvious. ANYTHING having to do with Harry Potter, before you take any actions, just take a good hard couple minute and think everything through…
XD lmao
11/26 c57 Big D
Never needed the talk . Was already a pro by 9.
11/25 c11 OogaChooga
so many impassioned soeeches
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