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for Angry Harry and the Seven

9/13 c87 Guest
Perfecto, glorioso! Gracias.
9/15 c87 1kasperchrist
I can't remember the amount of times this epilogue has made me bawl me eyes out. The most well written and emotional ending I've ever read in a fanfiction.
Superb job
9/14 c4 erozoth
Still no one suggested he goes to a healer, mind or otherwise. This really looks like a case of author wanting to leave it for later, for drama and more plot, rather than logical reasons. Sad considering the entire novel starts with "more logic".
9/14 c3 erozoth
Old story but still: It seems some parts were left out intentionally for drama, sad.
He is smart, learns things, contacts allies, eyeglasses, books, etc. Suffered from head trauma, overwhelming anger but never went to a doctor\healer? Seems fishy plot. It's like he is dumbed down in that regards so he get the school healer to help him or just prolong it for weeks, months or longer so he has anger issues.
I hope it will be quickly be resolved by the healer otherwise I can't really read this with such a big plot hole\stupid when it is obviously for drama. and character "development".
9/14 c87 Silverdragonstar
Absolutely fantastic! Love this story so much. The logic and attention to detail makes it great. You also treated the characters well, nicely fleshing them out. Thank you for sharing your story.
9/12 c87 Guest
loved this!
9/13 c64 csheila
I love it when the champions join together
9/13 c87 tastybigsexy
Great story the ending was beautiful
9/13 c59 csheila
Great approach

I hope he can keep Amelia alive
9/13 c58 csheila
One of the more sensible explanations for the scar (fragment entering the wund)
9/13 c87 2SpSt
this was a lovely story
9/12 c42 csheila
I love watching Harry and Neville work together
9/12 c40 csheila
It's funny but don't promote too much physical abuse
9/8 c25 3Steve-Arkarian
He didn't have enough evidence to get the Headmaster booted, "yet", but if you reported that there was a Cerberus in the school that was easily accessed I'm pretty sure he could get the Headmaster on at least suspension or monitoring or whatever it is.
9/8 c11 muffdyvr
what right does students have to quest him.
where's his balls
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