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1/21 c52 3greenespeon1995
swooning At The story!
1/20 c52 1Guardian of the Inheritance
Good job keep it up
1/16 c52 2darkerego
Another excellent chapter, always looking forward to more.

Maybe Shepard should name the group Task Force 141 lol
1/12 c52 TheReader345
God I love this story, Hope you update soon it would be a shame to have to wait another few yers before seeing this masterpiece updated again

Also fuck you for killing Half-jaw but thank you for making it suitably badass
1/12 c52 MarketCrash
Rear Admiral Shepherd eh? Got a nice ring to it.

One quick nitpick/question. If the Alliance fleet consists of tens of thousands of warships, would it not make sense for the personal numbers to be hundreds of MILLIONS instead of (hundreds of) thousands? Or was that for ground forces? Regardless, the soviets during ww2 deployed an army of 20-30 million men. In the story, we have 14 or so spacefaring K1.3-1.6 level civilizations that have at least a few hundred settled worlds between them. Wouldn’t the numbers of combat eligible personal in a literal genocidal galactic war to be significantly higher than a few hundred thousands?
1/12 c51 MarketCrash
Damn, this captured the chaos and scale of a system wide battle, from a company/regimental tactical view of a combined arms assault to massive naval engagements, with immense character and realism. I have never seen it done nearly as competently. You have an incredible talent for writing reasonable battles. Bravo sir, bravo!
1/3 c52 1Tom2011
Takes me 3 days straight to finish all chapters! Man this is brilliant story. I hope to see the end of it. Sad there is no Javik here. His reaction to dead Reaper ships would be great.
1/1 c52 SpudyPotato
Awesome! I gotta say, being able to influence the war the way Shepard will now be able to is something I wish was in ME3. Really looking forward to seeing where you take this and learning more about Wynn's character. More of Blue Team and the Normandy crew interacting would be cool.
12/31/2020 c52 Guest
You may have all the parts figured out for Shepard’s unit, but I have some ideas.
Motto: Victory through Unity or Precision is Deadly
Emblem: Sangheli Energy Sword crossed with an Omniblade and fourteen stars in a circle.
Name: Allied SpecOps
Mascot: Manticore (Various races coming together)
12/30/2020 c49 6Coolness121
Look, i understand Shepard being the one to kill Xen, but how hard was the decision to keep Harum from being the one to do it? I just picture the alternate scene of Harum using Vadum’s sword to do the deed, from a story telling perspective, to be a bit more poetic in a sense. Don’t get me wrong, Shepard stopping Tali and doing it himself was great, spectacular, but a part of me would’ve loved a kind of classic Elite sword through the chest kill - especially after what Xen caused. I followed this story avidly up until Vadum died. Ngl, I was really mad at you for making the decision and hurt so I had to take a break. Coming back, though, and this is from a technical writing stand point, your writing for this Arc has been on point, dialogue has been on point, and the chapter sequences have been on point too. The stakes have risen and your characters have, in my opinion, suffered and triumphed respectively that I don’t feel like you’re overdoing it either way. The sheer scale has been understandable to me while reading and that sometimes a hard thing to pull off. I almost feel like you’ve worked on sci-fi fantasy stuff before because the way you juggle the macro and micro pieces blows me away. I can barely handle writing for one character, yet here you are successfully managing several at a time and I have a clear idea of who is who, who wants what, who looks like what, and what they’re doing. You’ve meshed two very vast worlds together wonderfully. Like I’m on the edge of my seat cuz the flood must be lying in wait, the combined fleets are on the way, and things are coming to a close. Like I said, this is a cut above the usual story quality on this site and I really do wonder if you write professionally or have done work like this before. Your knowledge of the bits and pieces is very accurate, so my guess is either you’re a life-long fan or you’ve worked on either Halo or ME and this is your fun little side project to do since both franchises are kinda on hiatus. Idk if it’s one of you or a team, but either way, hats off to you. I’ll be reading and re-reading this for years and, probably, taking notes on how you balance it all
12/29/2020 c13 Guest
Ñññl mn lmninj. ?mjnnnmj.k B-) :O :O :O :O :O :O :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*
12/28/2020 c52 11Fer82
So late to review the chapter. Things are getting close to the boiling point over there, so much that forgot that theorically the war just have a couple of months old. So a special forces/ops division of the allies, im guessing that Cortana will be one of the main intelligence analysts. Hackett and Shepard just made the 64 millions questions. Whats happening on Earth and why the Reapers just nope of their planet?.

My only observation its tha for an arc called the Battle of the 9 navies. The space battles scenes are rather few. But other than that, great chapter.
12/28/2020 c52 Dewiltse
I greatly enjoyed this chapter. Sorry I didn't read it sooner. My brother told me about it the day it got posted but I had been busy untill now. Been following for a long while and can't wait to see where this continues. :). Thank you so much for this wonderful story. It has helped some friends of mine with depression just by having a good read. Thank you.

In more chapter specific, good job! The references to earlier events helped remind me of what the rest of the story was so I didn't have to go reread it for like the 8th time. (I'm forgetful.) It also ran well. I didn't notice any glaring grammatical errors and flowed nicely. I like the addition of the luitennant. (assuming I spelled that right. If not I trust you know I mean Wyn) A smaller character like that every once in awhile can give an easier time for Somone new to the story to latch on to, even if just for a moment and understand the thoughts and motivations of the main characters better in relation to the average Joe. Thank you.

12/25/2020 c52 Admiral Hood
I'm a great fan of this Fic And I honestly thank you for creating this The Best Halo Crossover ever While the UNSC and the Elites are almost near unbeatable the Numbers of the Mass effect Races Negate that advantage this is one of the reasons why I love this fic the other reasons are you haven't made the UNSC Near Mary Sue like in The Terran Republic Affair's sequel and you give the Mass effect characters their own tIme to shine. I really love that Joke about the Normandy cause let's face it the Normandy is Shepard's Service Vessel
12/25/2020 c49 LoneRider-09
The name of 'Vadum's sword should be named "Spirit Of The Fleetmaster"
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