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for An Acceptance of Insignificance

5/2/2014 c11 Guest
This fic ruined me, omg
1/28/2014 c11 aAWESOM3ninjA
That was so sad, but so good. Great job!
1/26/2014 c11 No one
Wow that was an awesome story, very well written!
10/25/2013 c11 geegasu
whoa.. this story was so beautiful in its own way.. so sad and beautiful. i liked it so much, your writing style is awesome! this story is brilliant! i liked all that cruelty and darkness. this really pleased me, well done :-D
10/17/2013 c7 14zoeythara
:D i really like to see how corey is developing as a character it's awesome i love this so much *-* so much XD
10/17/2013 c5 zoeythara
omg that was awesome *-* and really sad / gosh i'm really feeling for corey
10/15/2013 c2 zoeythara
this is awesome :D ((as i already told you)) i can't wait to read the rest

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