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3/14/2017 c1 Guest
Name: dylan o'shea
Age: 17
Nationality: Irish
Gender: male
Weapon:sarah (demon ppsh)
Hair: brown
Outfit: quater zip sweater, od green button up, brown wool necktie, leather newsboy cap, brown cordoury trousers,brown cowboy boots
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 135 lbs
General appearence: beard ( no neck beard), neat but comfortable
Likes: camel cigarettes, guiness beer, ireland, sarah, his motorbike, his butterfly knife
Dislikes: england, bud light, loud music
Personality: good natured but has a irish streak in him
Talents: can chug a pitchee of guiness in under thrity seconds, the fiddle
History: born in county sligo dylan comes from welsh and irish stock. He met his weapon while serving with the european branch before he was transfer
1/28/2016 c1 RuroniRooster
If you still are doing this could I add in 2 characters?
Name Hellen Rosa
Age 13
Nationality American
Gender Male(Had to xD)
Weapon James
Hair Red and is kinda long
Eyes Both are fiery red
Clothes Simple Hoodie with death symbol jeans and convers
Height 5 feet tall
Weight 80 lbs
general Appearance Kind of weird but easy to approach
Likes Music, Secretly Dancing,And Nature
Dislikes His name,The sun,And having to smile.
Personitly A bit edgy and easy to tease,and is generally friendly!
Talents He is mighty handy at improvision and very skilled with swords
History He lived a normal life until one day he started seeing orbs and while looking for a cure he ran across a man with a very weird EYE(*Cough *Cough*FREEE) and he told him about DWMA and how people like him go there..
Name James Dudik
Age 14
Nationilty Death City(Arizona in His case)
Gender Male
Meister Hellen Rosa
Hair Brunnetish
Eyes Green
Clothes Simple vest with white T-shirt underneath and jeans, with running shoes
Height 5' 5
Weight 130 lbs.
General Appearance Very Classy even though him and Hellen fight on that..ALOT!
likes Teasing Hellen,Writing,Drawing,Animals,and lastly Training
Dislikes Hellen Teasing him, Music,The Night,And Kids D
Personitly Kind, Friendly and Stubborn though,Very Appoarchable
Talents(Sorry need to add as obvy as it is he is an snake type blade watch Blue Exorsit) He is very good at running almost as fast as Black star, And tends to make himself look like a tinier threat when Hellen is around.
History He was trained all his life by his father and mother a very famous Weapon and Meister Duo until they that us when he attended DWMA the school he had been training to intend.(Sorry it was long..)
8/20/2014 c1 Deathblow88
Here is my OC!

Name: Hunter August

Age: 16

Nationality: Australian/Japanese

Gender: Male ( Hunter is a half-demon, so he has catlike pupils, a black tail with a furry end and elf like ears.)

Weapon/Meister: Meister

Hair: White (It's his NATURAL color...)

Eyes: Green-hazel

Clothes: A black overcoat with white buttons and trim, light blue canvas pants, and a blood red dragon-scaled scarf with a storm gray dragon on the visible end of the scarf. He has a dark red birthmark shaped like a wolf on his right shoulder as well.


Weight: 118 lbs.

General Appearance: Tall, muscular, spiky hair, pale-skinned, kid like facial features, and scarred

Likes: Dragons, cats, wolves, flames, FOOD, forests, Summer, heat, nighttime, soccer, and bats

Dislikes: Snakes (They terrify him to the core), witches, ice, Winter, LEEKS, the cold, peaches(He's terribly allergic to them)

Personality: Very kind, gentle, serious, calm, short-tempered, and somewhat sharp-tounged

History: Hunter lived in Kalgoorlie,Australia for the first six years of his life. On his sixth birthday, a witch slaughtered his family and brutally scarred the left side of his neck, knocking Hunter unconscious. When he woke up in Death City, his cousin Kai took the young boy to his house, where he learned that he was a Meister and could see souls. Since then, he has lived with him for ten years.
8/18/2014 c1 Deathblow88
Here is my OC!

Name: Hunter Natsu August

Age: 16

Nationality: Australian/Japanese

Weapon/Meister: Meister

Gender: Male (Hunter also has a brown, monkey-like tail sprouting out of his backside and elf-like ears. He also has a pair of long, sharp fangs. Hunter is a half demon.)

Eyes: Green-Hazel

Hair: White

Clothes: Black overcoat with white trim, often left untucked, and blue canvas pants. He also wears a red, scaly, scarf around his neck with a gray dragon on one end of his scarf, and black combat boots. Along with that, he wears a prominent sapphire pendant on his left earlobe.

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 120 lbs.

General appearance: Pale, scarred, messy, short hair, and smirking

Likes: A positive blood's taste, dragons, flames, nekos, Summer, and wolves

Dislikes: Witches, ice, coleslaw, peaches,( he's allergic), snakes,(terrified of them), Winter, and right-handed people, (He's a lefty)

Personality: Very kind, pure-hearted, caring, fair, a MAJOR bookworm, short-tempered and serious

History: Hunter lived in Kalgoorlie for the first six years of his life. On his 6th birthday, a witch slaughtered his parents and his older brother, Niall. That same day, Hunter gained a large scar on the left side of his neck. Since the the remaining family members,( No, not Kai,) blamed him for the deaths that occurred because of his demon heritage, Hunter ran away from home to Death City and has lived with his cousin Kai for 10 years.
1/11/2014 c4 Guest
OC name: koh
Age 18
Height 5' 6"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Looks: brown hair slim yet somewhat muscular grey cloak combat boots knee high shorts and red shirt with bulky head phones.
Eyes Green

Personality: kind funny a little lazy caring but in battle is serious and intellegent
Likes: reading music drawing swords play friends and water.
Dislikes being treated like a little kid kishins people being rude and harsh not being a gentlemen or lady to others
History unknown
Koh is a Mister. However he can use his soul's power to become an sword, arrow or grow wings for flight he comennly likes to use his speed not actually fighting the opponent unless nessecery.
1/12/2014 c2 4HikariShonenCrafter1
I'm Sorry I forgot Jackson's age
He's 15
1/12/2014 c1 HikariShonenCrafter1
Name: Taylor Hideyoshi
Age: 15
Nationality: Japanese
Weapon/Meister: Weapon
Hair: Short brown with jagged ends
Eyes: Amber
Clothes: Purple shirt with a black hoodie and jeans
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110lbs
General Appearance: Tan, Slanted eyes, black dragon wings that come out of her hoodie,tall
Likes: Cats, Video games, books, Nuttella, Fish, and Punk Rock.
Dislikes: Ego-maniacs, water, careless people, and spiders.
Personality: Random, laid back, and has to have a 3DS with her.
Talents: Can read Emotions, and summon small dragons to her aid.
History: She lived in a village alone, people cast her out because of her dragon half, Traveled around the world, and met Jackson in Nevada.

Name: Jackson Hawkeye
Nationality: American
Weapon/Meister: Meister
Hair: Blonde,short hair
Eyes: Brown
Clothes: A Blue T shirt and brown shorts and black combat boots
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 90lbs
General appearance: Tan, freckles, tall, Thin.
Likes: Helping out, adventuring, video games.
Dislikes: Witches, Snakes, Spiders, and seeing Taylor hurt.
Personality: He will sacrifice everything to save anyone, laid back, a gamer
Talents: Very fast.
History: Travels around the world alone, he had no family until Taylor came to him.

I Hope you choose them! :D
1/12/2014 c5 1Ana Braginski Serbia
Sorry for re posting my OC but I have another pair.
Name: Scarlett Renee Kirkland
Age: 15
Nationality: British
Gender: Female
Weapon/Meister: Meister
Hair: Red hair, long and wavy
Eyes: Golden
Clothes: High waisted Black shorts, A white button up shirt, a red bow tie, black suspendors, prescription black nerd glasses, and tap stlye shoes that are black.
Height: 5'5
Weight: 105
General Apperance: Curvy, slightly turned up nose, medi um chest, long hair usually worn in high ponytail.
Likes: Chocolate, Candy, writing, reading, and cooking.
Dislikes: fake people, Kishins, and her parents.
Personality: Quirky, Nice, shy at times, determined, and wise.
Talents: She is very good at combat not only with her weapon but by herself. She is highly skilled at martial arts. She is able to perform Soul resonance.
History: She originally lived in London but moved to America to join the DWMA. Her family is very wealthy.
Sidenote: She has a crush on Kid and her weapon.

Name: Jordan Michael Smith
Age: 16
Nationality: American
Gender: Male
Weapon/Meister: Weapon(Twin Katanas and a large blade.)
Hair: Medium lengthens sandy brown hair that swoops to the side.
Eyes: Hazel
Clothes: Random band t-shirts and maroon skinny jeans
Height: 5'3
Weight: 150
General Appearance: He is highly attractive (like Abercrombie and Fitch model hot) and he is muscular but not too much.
Likes: Fighting kishins, playing basketball, running, music, and drawing
Dislikes: Witches, Kishins, and Black Star
Personality: Quite, sarcastic, and nice
Talents: He has two weapon forms twin kantanas and a large black blade. He is very good at combat fighting and is very smart
History: When he was only 5 his whole town got massacred by a group of witches. He was saved by the DWMA and unfortunately was the only survivor. Lord Death took him in like a son and cared for him. He joined the academy at the age of 15.
Sidenote: He has a major crush on Scarlett.
1/12/2014 c4 Ana Braginski Serbia
Name: Nova Ophelia Jones. Real name: Annalyn Reneet Lorraine Ophelia Loveanu
Age: 15
Nationality: British/Romanian
Gender: Female
Weapon/Meister: Meister
Hair: Bleach Blonde and wavy
Eyes: Crystal blue
Clothes: High waisted Black shorts, A white button up shirt, a red bw tie, black suspendors, prescription black nerd glasses, and tap stlye shoes that are black.
Height: 5'5
Weight: 105
General Apperance: Curvy, slightly turned up nose, large chest, long hair usually worn in high ponytail.
Likes: Chocolate, Candy, writing, reading, and cooking.
Dislikes: fake people, Kishins, and her parents.
Personality: Quirky, Nice, shy at times, determined, cunning, and wise.
Talents: She is a Mage which is a lot different from a witch. Yes they do spells but they are longer incantations and a lot more powerful and they are allies of the DWMA. She specializes in ice and lightning magic. She also is a Pure Blooded Vampire. Both of her parents are Vampires which made her one. She will age a couple more years but then will eventually stop. Pure blood Vampires can tolerate the sun, garlic, holy water, crosses, etc. She has all the talents of a vampire, which are super speed, smell, eye sight, hearing, can read minds, can erase memories, makes her fangs come out whenever she wants to, and has to drink blood, but also has to eat human food.
History: Her parents are considered vampire royality including her and live in a castle in Romania. She ran away when she was 10 to America to live a normal life style, and is now in Death City.

Name: Lauren Matthews
Age: 15
Nationality: American
Gender: Female
Weapon/Meister: Weapon(Scythe and large magic powered blade)
Hair: Long wavy electric blue hair
Eyes: Hazel
Clothes: a black kitty crop top tucked into a short light pink high waisted skirt.
Height: 5'3
Weight: 95
General Appearance: She is very Pettitte. She has little to no curves and has a flat chest.
Likes: Fighting kishins, playing basketball, running, music, and drawing
Dislikes: Rude people.
Personality: Loud, caring, tough, care free, sarcastic
Talents: She can sing really well. She can turn into two weapons. She can also draw and paint really well.
History: Her parents died in a car crash when she was only 5. She lived in an orphanage until she was 10 and her parents adopted her. She lived with them in a small town in Nevada called Canton. She one day heard of the DWMA and decided to transfer therem
Am I too late to submit? And if u want me change something I can.
1/12/2014 c4 8DarkLover62199
Ok i know it might be a little too late but check out my two OCs on my profile... Sorry im doing this on my phone but im really really interested!
1/11/2014 c4 4bittersweetendings4everisover
Name: Chiyoko Kawaguchi (Chiyoko means thousand generation child and Kawaguchi mean mouth of the river.)

Age: 14

Nationality: Half Irish half Japanese (Japanese doesn't show through at all which is why they [her parents] Gave her a Japanese name.)

Gender: Female

Weapon/Meister: Weapon. Morning star (very interesting weapon)

Hair: short spiky hair. Bright orange. (about as bright as the twins from Ouran high school host club if you know them. Also not meant to copy the twins. Any similarities are completely coincidental)

Eyes:Blind in left eye so the pupil is a silvery white. Right eye is dark blue

Clothes: (no overly complicated outfits that are hard to describe please!): White collared sleeveless shirt (Like Hatsune Miku's [Vocaloid] but white), loose red tie hanging around neck, black button up dress shirt with rolled up sleeves unbuttoned, black shorts (not too short), black wrist cuffs, and black and white original converse.

Height: 4 feet 5 and 3/4 inches (a tiny bit touchy about her height)

Weight: about 75 pounds (whatever is skinny but not anorexic)

General Appearance: pale PALE skin with a smattering of freckles, skinny but not anorexic, pretty in a tomboyish 'I don't wear makeup' sort of way, all four canines (teeth) are very VERY sharp, tomboyish, and gives off a very mobster/old fashion gangster (the classy [bad use of the word classy] gangsters) air.

Likes: soft plushy things, animals, random cute things, knock knock jokes, figs (not dried), horror films, climbing, tall places (like trees and stuff), good books, heavy storms, rain, and quiet places.

Dislike: Black star (too loud), loud things, liars, frilly things, overly cheerful people, screams, and prissy girls. Deathly afraid of bleach and fish sticks

Personality: Sarcastic, truthful, easygoing but serious if necessary, curses like a sailor if in pain, when in trouble stays levelheaded and calm, is mean to threats but caring to friends, and tends to hide all emotions of love, caring, or happiness.(aka very tsundere)

Talents (if any): good at house hold chores and cooking, can meister herself by turning her knuckles on both hands into the spikes on her weapon type (morning star) And punching the living hell out of people (prefers Meistering herself)

History: grew up in Ireland (dropped the accent) with a fairly normal life. Her eye went blind due to an incident with bleach when she was 4 years old. Has a twin brother who acts as a meister sometimes (if you would like I will send him too). Family is not full of meister or weapons and her parents were so happy when they found out.
1/5/2014 c1 24The Emotaku
Name: Spencer Stone

Age: 17

Nationality: American


Weapon : His Girlfriend Rose Baker Turns into a grenade launcher

Hair: Brown with bangs

Eyes: Red

Clothes: Dark Blue Trenchcoat, black t-shirt, blue jeans

Height: 6’1

Weight: 146 lbs.

General appearance: He looks like a soldier.

Likes: Rose, Japanese food, british accents

Dislikes: Loud people, Witches, his friends getting hurt

Personality: Cold and distant at first but more friendly and talkative when you get to know him.

Talents: Can fly(By the way his family is half human half Falcon and he is hated by most because of it)

History: At 11 Spencer’s parents were killed by Witches right in front of him and let go so he had to bear the mental scaring. Spencer started traveling the Earth(or wherever Soul Eater is set). When he was 14 in Cardiff he found Rose, dying in a alleyway. He patched up Rose and they started traveling together. When Spencer was 16 he and Rose officially started dating. Spencer and Rose found Death City while traveling through the desert and they bought a house they got from mercenary work and started attending the DWMA.
Name: Rose Baker

Age: 16(turning 17)

Nationality: British(English)

Gender: Female

Meister: Her boyfriend Spencer

Hair: Long bright blonde hair

Eye color: Blue

Clothes: Blue tanktop and black short-shorts.

Height: 5’11

Weight: 139 lbs

General Appearance: Looks like a party girl but will kick your ass if given the chance

Likes: Spencer, Explosions, Parties

Dislikes: Rapists, School, People who likes her because of her big boobs(sorry had to describe her)

Personality: Rose is a party girl but will get very depressed if anyone brings up her past or hits on her(usually having the legs broken by Spencer)

Talents: Only Rose can get Spencer to open up to people.

History: When she was 13 Rose’s dad killed her Mum and beat up Rose, leaving her on the verge of death, Spencer was passing by and saw Rose and saved her life. Rose started travelling the world with Spencer shortly after. They traveled the planet doing mercenary jobs and when Rose was 15, Spencer asked her out and they officially became a couple. They saw Death City while crossing the desert and with their mercenary money, bought a house and started attending the DWMA
1/3/2014 c2 17Falling Lanterns
(Can only comment on this chapter so bear with me please)
Sorry I didn't realize I sent you two. You don't have to use two, one's fine by me (*cough cough* Miriam *cough*). And I can send you a male character if you'd like.
1/3/2014 c1 NullRitter
Name: Isaac Sieger

Age: 16

Nationality: German-American

Gender: Male

Weapon/Meister: Meister

Hair: Shaggy black hair that is generally straight and spiky

Eyes: Electric Blue

Clothes: A light gray zipped up jacket that has vertical cobalt blue stripes going down the length of the sleeves and lining the front zipper, each stripe with four, evenly spaced horizontal lines going down with it, and a completely blue section of the right upper arm with a black and white double sided pyramid, black jeans, and gray combat boots.

Height: 5' 11.5"

Weight: 143 pounds

General appearance: Isaac stands at 5'11.5", with a slightly thin but athletic build, shaggy black hair that is generally straight and spiky, fair skin, and electric blue eyes. A portion of the back of his neck is partially metallic from when an A.I. was implanted into his spinal cord.

Likes: Firearms, technology, science, logic, pasta, smart people, non-annoying people, surviving, those that don't try to kill him, hitting his targets.

Dislikes: Stupid people, annoying people, superstition, dying, conspiracy theorists, those that try to kill him, missing a shot, and most other things.

Personality: Despite being rational and generally levelheaded, Isaac is in a state of perpetual irritation: He is often angered by and hates the personality traits of others that annoy him, expresses this anger with profane displays of irritation, and is generally irate and sarcastic, but is also extremely intelligent, tactical, and holds a great deal of logical reasoning that has made him a surprisingly good leader on several occasions. Isaac holds science and reason in extremely high regard, and is irritated by people discarding either of them and doing things the "Stupid way." Isaac is nothing if not a skeptic, and will question things to no end, including authority. He also has an extremely large ego, praising himself for things he achieved (Even if by accident), his intelligence, and everything he does well. However, Isaac has a bit of a sadistic and sociopathic side to him, and at times is extremely callous and cold. Despite all of this, Isaac comes to respect and care for his friends, and had proven himself to be a selfless individual that cares about others.

Talents: Isaac is intelligent, his firing accuracy varies from having exceptional skill to having none at all, he has above-average soul perception, he is well-versed in computers and general engineering, and he is very knowledgable of military weapons, tactics, and combat.

History: Growing up with a relatively normal life in Death City, Isaac was an ambitious kid who sought to change the world for the better. However, when his Father, who was in the military, ended up KIA, his personality shifted from outgoing and ambitious to irate sarcastic, and somewhat sociopathic. Isaac eventually became obsessed with the idea of artificial intelligences, and used his own mind as a blueprint to build a sentient computer program who's personality and thought process were identical to Isaac's. Isaac implanted the computer into his brain afterwards. At 15, Isaac enlisted into a military research program, where he used the program's tactical input and combat enhancing abilities to excel in virtually everything and rise above his peers. This went on for about a year, until he went too far: In a training match where the combatants used pistols loaded with paintball rounds, Isaac was on a loosing streak and the computer convinced him to try his luck by loading live rounds into his pistol. Isaac ended up killing all of the other combatants. It had turned out that the computer had developed morality errors in its programming, and was removed and deleted by the members of the program. After going through mental rehabilitation and finding out that he had the abilities of a Meister, Isaac enrolled in the DWMA to get back to the level of skill he once stood on.

Other: With a sniper rifle (His general weapon of choice) Isaac's skill randomly goes between being an absolute crap-shot and a perfect shot.
1/3/2014 c3 DEAD ACCOUNT 0112192
Am I too late to submit this? '' If not;

Name: Bakkal Jackal
Age: 14-15
Nationality: English
Gender: Male
Weapon/Meister: Weapon (Sacrificial dagger)
Hair: Black, messy, fringe covers the top half of his eyes.
Eyes: One aqua one blue. Subject to change
Clothes: Wears either black trousers and shoes with a white shirt, grey tie with a purple vertical line and a black blazer OR blue jeans (un-dammaged) with a white tee-shirt and red zip up hoodie (un-zipped) (purple zip) and blue converse shoes.
Height: 5' 10"
General Appearance: Swimmer's build. Usually apathetic looking, though the longer a fight goes on, the more insane he looks

Likes: The internet, lucid dreams, being left alone, por- .. um, girls... Creeping people out, swimming (on ocassion)

Dislikes: Being forced into social events, being set on fire, over-exited/energetic people.

Personality: Introvert. Bottles up all of his emotions until fights, where he unleashes them in a large, soul severing attack. Dislikes physical contact with anyone other than his partner. Takes pleasure in saying extremely creepy and/or perverted things to confuse or revolt people.

Talents (if any): Can sense the wavelength of someone's soul through contact. Can attack souls directly, secering them from their bodies. Can fight effectively without a miester for about 10 mins before tiring. Can form blades on any part of his body when in human form. Soul wavelength allows him to be used by anyone.

Flaws: Bottles up emotions. Bitter and resentful to everyone if tired. Stays up late. Gullible when it comes to him accidentaly hurting someone. Allows enemies to use him when in weapon form ("Weapons shouldn't be choosy, their meant to be used.")

History: Ran away from home at 7 due to his own faults, he found a witch's base. He tricked the witch into collapsing her own base, killing her in the process. He then ate her soul, gaining his soul-slicing powers. He then made his way to shibusen so that he would be able to find (and eat) more witches and improve his own power.

I don't really mind who his miester is, choose one that you think would either work well or be stupid/funny.

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