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7/2/2014 c30 keelsxoxo
Very interesting about the stair never really thought about them
7/2/2014 c30 4Spitfire303
i hope he tells her someday (hopefully soon)
7/2/2014 c30 Lil5weetie
**wiping teary eyes*** that was beautiful. Really, truly the last bit was.
7/2/2014 c30 24westernbeauty
Love it x
7/2/2014 c30 Lililovingreading
Nice chapter
Lovely job
7/1/2014 c30 3Mic RiddyBanon
Utterly amazing as ever! Your work is just stunning! I love how you draw on the stairs and the differences because you do see a slight relaxing in his whole posture as she comes into view and I am sure seeing her is why. Also love your take on the Unthinkable lines, I'm with you on that, don't think he actually meant to say I love you either, just saying that Slade took the wrong woman would have been enough for the cameras & Slade. Plus we all noticed that Oliver never actually recanted on Lian Yu & I think that's why. He's nevrr been able to properly lie to her - his BS stories were rubbish lol!

Looking forward to Season 3 like nobody's business - & its accompanying drabbles! Thank you!
7/1/2014 c30 11LanternLight13
Nicely done. Thanks for sharing.
7/1/2014 c30 7ILoveTheCubs
I love stepping into your version of the Arrow-world. Looking forward to your season three drabbles and any other stories you give us!
7/1/2014 c30 32Dark-Supernatural-Angel
Oh that was a fantastic way to deal with a future 'issue' they may face while also tying in the events of 2x23.

These drabbles have been fantastic! Will you have a set for season 3?

Great job!
7/1/2014 c30 sakura-blossom62
I loved this because its true he can never really lie to her and get away wiht it but I just love that they are both missing the other lair adn that something as simple as the stairs make such a big difference
7/1/2014 c30 luckywynner86
This is great, I can see this happening!
7/1/2014 c30 sterryvit
So sad to see this go, but what an amazing ride! I love this! Can't wait for season three...thanks for a great story!
7/1/2014 c30 1Jewelz1642
This was short and sweet.
7/1/2014 c29 27ChiefPam
As much as I didn't appreciate the "take back" on the show, I do like your idea here that it laid the groundwork. Thanks for making me feel better about it :)
6/26/2014 c29 3Chris4
Heh, I like this one. I think it may be pretty close to what we'll get for S3, too. Oliver is definitely not ready to acknowledge that he's in love with Felicity; at least, not anyone but himself and maybe not even then. I think we'll (unfortunately) have to live through the aftermath of them pulling apart before things start to work out. I just hope that we don't get a resurgence of the Oliver / Laurel relationship. That would really make me sad (and a little more than disgusted).
Great work!
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