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for The Strength of Lorien

12/23/2014 c3 Guest
This is very rubbish. Low quality
8/20/2014 c8 1Tigergirl22
Nix forever
5/22/2014 c14 1setrakusra999kill
great chapter update soon
2/1/2014 c14 Guest
I loved the chapter but please don't turn this into a Marina/nine story! I love Nix! Especially after the bar scene!
2/1/2014 c8 Guest
If you haven't already decided SIX AND NINE! Love your story btw
1/29/2014 c13 EpicLoric24
The revelation of the Unknown P.O.V. It was my theory. I thought of it too. And you put it into words. Thank you :)
12/12/2013 c13 Guest
Please update!
11/8/2013 c13 Mysteryfanaticno1
This chapter was awesome. Loved Nine's p.o.v. Update soon.
11/7/2013 c2 Arctica Caerulea
I love Marina's letter to Eight... it's so sweet ...
Update soon!
11/4/2013 c12 Guest
Oooh! Update soon! :)
11/3/2013 c12 2Reading in the dark2406
Please post the next chapter soon!
10/30/2013 c12 Gabby
guawww ;)
10/30/2013 c12 4destinybroughtme
Please update soon! I love the mystery between Nine and Six's night. :)
10/30/2013 c12 15sereneskydragonslayer
Who attacked? O.O
10/30/2013 c12 Mysteryfanaticno1
Cliffhanger, you absolutely cannot leave your story on a cliffhanger. You have to update soon. Maybe Nine can read mog's mind and find out where Ella is. Anyways this chapter is so awesome. Your writing has improved in the last chapters. Keep it up!
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