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12/21/2013 c7 Sandy-wmd
If Clint thought Steve's big hands were incongruous with the tiny baby, what does he think about Hulk holding the baby? Practically a cradle. :)
12/7/2013 c6 7Shazrolane
The back and forth nature of this chapter was perfect. The end was hazy and I reached a point where I wasn't really certain what was going on and that was perfect also, because that's what Clint was feeling as well.
11/23/2013 c5 Sandy-wmd
This was all very surreal. A little hard to follow, but with Clint doped to the eyeballs and being tortured and who knows what else, the discontinuity actually makes sense. :)
11/6/2013 c4 6Esha Napoleon
Great chapter ;)
11/2/2013 c3 Esha Napoleon
Great story 3
10/28/2013 c3 16featheredschist
Hot stuff, Cake. Loved it. On to the next!
10/19/2013 c2 Sandy-wmd
Yay, new story! I'm loving it so far. Nice to see Clint bow to the inevitable and accept help from his friends and teammates.
10/10/2013 c1 Phase D
Slash warning would be nice.
10/12/2013 c1 7Shazrolane
I am hooked. That first bit was so very hard to read, and then it changes to physical whump - I could feel how exhausted Clint was.

The whole middle part was so sweet, the two guys so obviously in love and giddy with happiness. I loved the jewelry and the dinner. I should have known better, I really should have, but you got me so distracted with the wedding (which, BTW, was incredibly close to what my spouse and I did) and the happiness and the love and the OMG RONIN and mysterious file and child wait what CHILD? and then NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

So, you hurt me, hooked me, and then reduced me to a rambling mess.
10/10/2013 c1 16assantra
I really do like this story but I think I missed the frst one. Was there a first one?
10/10/2013 c1 flaimingdarkfox
cant wait to see what happens next
10/10/2013 c1 16featheredschist
Well, this promises to be interesting. Onward we go.

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