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7/29/2019 c1 Defiant-Candle
Vader and Padme meeting could be a potentially tense encounter. I hope you include Mustafar as one of his lairs perhaps? Entirely up to you and your opinion of Disney’s canon. I do like the idea of Vader making that hellish place where Anakin supposedly died his home, because a part of him is still tied to his horrific past.
I would recommend watching StarWarsTheory’s Vader fanfilm if you haven’t already. Vader’s enduring love for padme in fan works should provide a wealth of angst and sadness for Vader to draw on.
But good introduction to set the stage and establish this alternate universe! And good job depicting the Jedi as well intentioned but still fearful sentients who sometimes make things worse in their bid to fix things! Well written and very good stuff!
9/23/2015 c1 see180movie.com
Please update this! You have something really, really good shaping up here...I hope you haven't permanently abandoned this story.
10/11/2013 c1 3capmaverick
Aw this is going top be cute... i can te;;
10/11/2013 c1 Amenofis
This is a cool idea. I hope you keep going.
10/11/2013 c1 3Nowa1
10/11/2013 c1 KittyKati1
OMG ! It's wonderful ! Please continue soon ! :D
Greetings from germany, Kati
10/11/2013 c1 Meh
This does sound like an interesting plot, and I'd love to read more. It feels a bit short, but overall, good job on this.
10/11/2013 c1 ILDV
Interesting. Very very very GOOD
10/10/2013 c1 Leytair
Very goos start, really. I have only one - minor - note: the Executor was finished sometimes between the New Hope and Empire Strikes Back, thus when the twins were 20-10 years old. Until that time Vader's flagship was, I think, the Exactor or the Devastator (I am not sure) - both of them Imperial class star destroyers, not super start destroyers like the Executor.
10/10/2013 c1 1Lady Misha
It is a very interesting beginning! I'm looking forward to read the rest, I like how things are proceeding... Keep going, darling.
10/10/2013 c1 frrsth
Great first chapter!
10/10/2013 c1 angie
What a great start on your story! How cruel of Obi Wan and Yoda not to let her say goodbye to her babies, or try to explain why it needed to be done so she could visit or go with one of her babies. I like stories like this, and I am hoping that you might consider the idea of Vader being healed physically somehow, as well as emotionally and spiritually. If Luke made Anakin turn back to the light as an adult, maybe Anakin's family would pull him away from the dark side? I will look forward to what happens next!
10/10/2013 c1 7Lord Exar Kun
Ah interesting concept! I hope things end up well for the Skywalkers, darn Jedi and their meddling ways eh? Quick question when you mentioned the planet, 'Bast' isn't that the name of Vader's castle on Vjun? Are you making a new world up, or did you mean to say Vjun? Nonetheless I hope you update soon! :)

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