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11/16/2015 c1 misswesterosi
OK. This make me sad. But I love it.
2/12/2014 c1 Guest
Omg, this i E, I hope you continue it.
12/1/2013 c1 2black111star
I had hard time visualizing the physical position loki and Jamie were in. his hand on her back, pinning her down while looking at her face?
11/10/2013 c1 55Queen Serenity
11/9/2013 c1 23Amanda Saitou
That's very good, specially because indeed, Loki is a very lonely creature!
11/4/2013 c1 20marinawings
This is an excellent little peek into the psychology of Loki! I love the speculation, and I hope we see something like this in Thor 2... for I am something of a shy, secret member of Loki's Army. ;)
10/23/2013 c1 21RabbitHash2016
I'm with Jane on this one-somewhat mysterious/attractive though he may be, he DID very nearly try to kill her. Hands off, Frosty, I've got my eyes on you. (

10/17/2013 c1 Mistysky M.M.M
Lol wow, didn't think you'd come back to this fandom. Thought zombies got you in the Walking dead. .. or more like Dar...anyway. Nice to see you again, liked your one shot and hope you'll find a muse to continue writing for Lokane fandom cuz I missed you and there's this huge boom and you should be apart of it! So exciting. Promise to reread all your old Lokane and review them if you crank out new ones. (I'm that desperate for fics from you) … You were the reason that I shipped Lokane longtime ago, then came Falling Star and no fandom compared to Lokane!
10/12/2013 c1 megumisakura
excellent! please write more,please.
10/11/2013 c1 1jackiemack916
Very good. I'd love to see where you could take us with this... if the plot bunnies attack.
10/11/2013 c1 DeadGone
Wow awesome. The ending lines were beautiful and bittersweet. It was heartbreaking and I loved it. Please write more. The emotions depicted in this fic were mind-blowing. Thank you.
10/11/2013 c1 9GhibliGirl91
Downer on the morning. But oh, so good.
10/10/2013 c1 jeadamized
damn it, such a spoiler...
10/10/2013 c1 3Cordelia Darcy
Ahh love it! I've missed your Thor fics, the Lokane ones in particular. I'm so ridiculously excited for this movie, and this fic managed to make me even more so! :)
10/10/2013 c1 PirateKing1
What a perfect piece of internal struggle, I really do hope to see something of the sort when The Dark World comes out! In the end, brilliant oneshot!
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