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11/18/2015 c4 1Sakihinata
They're so cuuute!
11/18/2015 c3 Sakihinata
Freud's studies of the unconscious and the realm of dreams explain that when we dream of failing something, like an exam, even years after having passed it with success, dreaming of failing it is a really twisted way for our uncouscious to try and reassure us that if we didn't fail then, we won't fail now, and everything's alright, like it is for John in this chapter... I think...cause I haven't got all the theory down ;)
4/9/2015 c4 20Francesca Monterone
I love this story. Thank you so much for writing a fanfiction with a truly asexual Sherlock. Too many people throw the word around without knowing or caring about what it means.
7/16/2014 c4 1Maharani Radha
That was really wonderful. I like reading about a relationship where sex isn't the focus. :) Sherlock never struck me as a particularly sexual character, so I find this very sweet.
1/19/2014 c4 56Kokoroyume
Nice story ;)
12/8/2013 c4 dsk1138
Nice ending to a fantastic story! :)
12/8/2013 c4 Devil Red
First of all - awww, how sweet! Secondly, it's nice to see an asexual Sherlock. He has never struck me as a sexual character. I'm asexual as well, and I enjoy reading a well-written romance where sex isn't the focus. While I don't entirely approve of them having sex in the end, I do understand that some asexual people do so on occasion. As you clearly stated, not all asexuals are alike. :) Have you ever read Ivory Novelist's Sensual Ace series?
11/27/2013 c3 chubbybunny96
Did you create the idea of danger nights? I really like it. It reminds me of "it's a full moon right now." I also love how there's no mention of sex, even as a worry. And it's amazing to me how you manage to keep Sherlock so in character. I can almost picture him in his blue bathrobe. Also, you again expertly craft angst and fluff- yin and yang. Your portrayal of John's PTSD makes their relationship, and the cuddles, seem more meaningful.
11/27/2013 c2 chubbybunny96
*cries loudly* OMG Skyfall. 3 darling, I love this so much, because I can really show your personality. And it's really obvious as to what I you're trying to show without it being "in your face."
11/27/2013 c1 chubbybunny96
Jfjajxjd oh my GAWD IT's so cute an perfect! Everything about this is perfect!
11/24/2013 c1 18bloodysword99
Baaaaah! SO FLUFFY! :3 Adorable! :3
11/15/2013 c4 30Lozzy4992
Thank you very much for this story :) it is very well written and also helped me learn about the reality of asexuality so thank you for that :) well done darling! L xxx
11/13/2013 c2 Guest
Chapter 4 is a repeat of 2 instead of the real 4.
11/9/2013 c4 12Nimblefoot13
Yes, you blew those stereotypes and misconceptions right out of the water! So cute!
11/9/2013 c4 LadyK1138
Intimacy is a beautiful thing. This was a lovely way to share a different viewpoint!
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