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7/23/2014 c8 10Sonnikkuubabyboo
4/21/2014 c8 Guest
This story is SO CUTE ! I LUV IT! Please continue or make a sequel
2/16/2014 c1 cari
i just finished reading all chapters and reviews and i have to agree with everyone else, this is easily one of my favorite Sonamy stories ever simply because everything it's so in-character for them while still cute and romantic in their own way.

I do see Sonic being atracted to Amy but at the same time it has to be a little akward for him how young she still is. I can see them getting together once they are a bit older and for all i know Sonic Boom just might do that since the designs make them look a bit older (crossed fingers?...)

probably the best thing is how organic it all felt, even Shadow's entry didn't feel forced like i tend to feel when he's in a Sonamy story. All i can give at this point is a standing ovation for how well done this story was since the only complain i can think of is how i would love to see more :)
2/17/2014 c8 2Pookiey
Great chapter, but is it really the end of this story, or is it just the beginning of a romantic adventure, will you make a continuation? Or end it right here. So far i give it a 10/10 the grammer immerses the reader that has a passionate tensity in it. Keept me reading
2/16/2014 c8 28Cutegirlmayra1
Haha! Beautiful. I love your Amy XD everything was 'a lifetime!' lol. Also, thanks for not editing to much on my part. I was rather thankful it was slightly more true to my original text.

But besides that...

Sonic raced up a hill and stretched, reaching his arms all the way up and making a slight noise to further show his exercise he fell backwards, landing on the soft grass as some small flowers and loose grass shot up around his fallen frame.

He placed one hand behind his head and lifted one knee up slightly, getting comfortable as he delicately placed a finger to his mouth...

"...That was some cooking..." he smiled, thinking out loud. "...Oh Amy, you just had to try SO HARD today... I guess it wasn't so bad..." He imagined her squealing in delight after the kiss, which he knew she probably would have, and chuckled, motioning his head down as he closed his eyes to think about it.

However, he worried she'd tell Cream or something... and he was one who liked to keep his relations with people private. "Don't be a loud mouth..." He had some awkward sweat drops drip down the side of his face as he then sighed.

"Amy, I may never understand you very well... or why you love me so much. But I'll say this much, you never give up AND..." he paused and sat up, smiling to the moon.

"...I'm glad you don't. I think I like your cheery determination more than even that adorable smile of yours...NAH, I love that smile to much." he then fell backwards again and yawned, releasing out one last bit of a long breath and then falling quickly to sleep.

"What a day... heh, what a date...zzz."
2/16/2014 c8 36BloodLily16
2/16/2014 c8 32Chaotic Reflections
Overall, this was a wonderful read! I enjoyed reading this and am slightly saddened that this is the end. You did a very good job portraying both Sonic and Amy, and I adored the ending. Amy's reaction was completely understandable and expected.. I like how she accepted everything for what it was and wants to continue pursuing and waiting for Sonic. I had a nice time reading this :)
11/24/2013 c7 28Cutegirlmayra1
PFF! You all are so grand! xD SEE STAR! I TOLLLDD YOU YOU WE'RE A GREAT WRITER! I'm so happy people love you're Amy Rose with my Sonic! They're perfect haha!

Stay tuned everyone! The fun has only just began! ;D
11/24/2013 c7 1FanWriterOfFanFiction
I love this chapter! Oh, and in response to the second-to-the-last A/N...


But that's besides the point, anyway this is a great continuation, Amy's choice was totally unexpected, they still are in character despite more and more fluff, and great word choice. I wish I could be as good as you guys!
11/21/2013 c1 Sonamy Reader
Hi! I'm a fan of Cutegirlmayra1 and I'm just gonna say this, YOU TWO SHOULD TEAMWORK MORE! This is one awesome Sonamy story coming from two creative writers.
11/23/2013 c7 2Pookiey
well for starters, there is nothing like a heart warming, comical chapter, you two are actually one of very few (That in my opinion) that can successfully do this,

just the small comments such as damsels cause distress was just drop dead funny;

Your writing style also gives people with vivid imaginations (Such as myself) to actually feel like this is a piece of an episode that was left out
and now I think that Sonic has a new favorite meal, (Possibly) now that was just creative, Chilly pizza, AWESOME

anyway, stay awesome, and post another chapter soon, I'm excited to read about what happens next.
11/18/2013 c7 dmc fanboy
well there's 2,100 stories of sonic and amy so there's that and that's just under romance but yeah we need some new stuff maybe when the next sonic game comes out more people will get back in the swing of things but who knows when they'll be
11/18/2013 c7 8ABCSKW123-IX
Sonic's just been teleported to paradise... XD
Please update soon! :)
11/18/2013 c7 36BloodLily16
Great story, Byez!
11/18/2013 c7 32Chaotic Reflections
Brilliant! I loved how they acted around each other. It was so cute! Nice job and update soon.
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