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for Harry Potter and the House of Night

9/16/2015 c1 james
i cant find it
2/25/2015 c7 5David Fishwick
Cool idea so far and please update soon thanks as I am enjoying your story. I liked how you wrote the kiss between Stark and Zoey in this chapter.
12/23/2014 c8 Chepi Aponi
This story is awesome*.* PLEASE PLEASE PPPLLLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEE continue this story soon! I love it;)
10/24/2014 c6 Caitleen Bailey
Please writ the chapters that you have planed already. Its getting extremely guard to wait for these next chapters.
6/26/2014 c6 2GunsN'Roses01
love it!
3/17/2014 c6 2Lightningpanda
This is actually very good as is surprised this story doesn't have any revews! Keep it up! :) Can't wait to see what'll happen next.

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