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10/25/2014 c43 FelicityinGlasses
Beautiful, as always. Love the title.
10/25/2014 c43 Jen
They're making us all work for the Olicity. Sigh.

This was so lovely. What a great look into Felicity's brain. Love that you managed to get a little Felicity/Oliver time in there, even if it was via text. I adored her inner conversation she was having while talking to Ray. He really has no idea.

Beautiful job, as always.
10/25/2014 c43 Luv2Live
Aww, they are too cute together. This path they are on is going to be tough to watch.
10/25/2014 c43 40onetreefan
so sad and good!
10/25/2014 c43 1bonetrek
I like this chapter! I'm still not sure about Ray Palmer!
10/25/2014 c43 sakura-blossom62
Oh this was such a great scene to write because I think that we really needed to see it and I just loved how ray is sort of cautious with her because he needs her but he can see that she is loyal to Oliver and that she is not your typical kind of girl. I loved that he called her though because it makes sense that he would turn to her because she always has and she is never wrong when she advises him. Loved it to pieces!
10/21/2014 c27 x Euphoria
! I just swooned at the last paragraphs. :) I really like that you brought up the whole thing of Oliver saying he "can't be with someone he could really care about" when he's with Sara _. I'd almost be done with Season 2 if I wasn't working so much but I guess that's a good thing.
10/20/2014 c42 2Carfa
Great story!
10/20/2014 c1 LilyAyres
Ohhh, I didn't know you watched Arrow. This season is very good, though the writers broke my heart in the first episode. Looking forward to reading more of this.
10/18/2014 c42 CITigerfan
10/18/2014 c42 23CreepingMuse
"As if fair is an actual thing rather than just a really nice idea, like Santa Claus or birthday wishes." Wow. Comes out swinging. The whole thing is perfect and desolate and absolutely right.

Holy fucking fuck, he is practicing being dead. Of course he would. That is so terrifying but utterly in character and gaaaah. Oh, and then that he knows how to do it because of who he is, what he is, that he's used it to save his life rather than to imagine what it's like not to live

Noting that she had started to smell. Yes.

Holy fuck. This whole chapter is astonishing. I know your week has been crazy bananas nuts, but Jesus fuck, you have hit it out of the park. This is electric. How he couldn't close his father's eyes (making his closing of Sara's extra poignant), bending the legs to fit him in the too-short grave-Jesus!

That grieving is a selfish act. Absolutely it is. It is not that the person no longer exists, it is that they no longer intersect with us. True, and makes grieving even harder than it already is.

Thank you for noting that he's started calling Digg John. It was an interesting shift and I like your reasoning. You know me and names.

Really, I can't say enough good things about this. Stark and brutal and true. Well done, you.
10/18/2014 c25 x Euphoria
Ok ok ok... So 2.14 was one of my favorite episodes and you have made it even better with this chapter. I don't really care for Laurel all that much and I don't like the way she treats Felicity and I'm so happy that Sara has taken a liking to Felicity :3 calling her cute or adorable in the show. I really like you did with the interaction between the two of them and I'm happy Felicity is getting a girlfriend-friend :). I died laughing at the "laundry day" part and I wonder if you'll expand on the girl-time tampon stories haha. I've wondered the same thing what the heck would she have done.
10/18/2014 c42 9jessspider
I like how you recognise the use of his name, John, and the significance of the use of his first name. This is something that I really wanted to explore too. When he first saw Sara, initially we thought that maybe it was shock that someone he loved died. And may be it was, but the careful study of her, was also his sudden reality hitting home, that she seemed invincible yet she died, and this could be him.

Latbfan, that room proper looked like a morgue in the poignant when he said those words, that he didn't want to die.

I think this is a marvellous update and you really captured what he was feeling and thinking and love your additions to it. Painful, sickly, and well done.

10/18/2014 c41 jessspider that ending!

heartbreaking writing as ever
i always have to be careful when I approach your updates because I don't want to cry, but then its like this crazy curiosity and I do and it's all okay... lol

Love how, you give us this coping alternative to what the show is currently delivering.
I'm in so much pain right now

Well done, really well done. especially the bit about our Stupid Oliver and his hands open and sort of waiting for her, and her still ever protective stance towards him despite Palmer's current intrigued advance.

:) thank you
10/18/2014 c42 1Bunney
That was beautiful!
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