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11/7/2018 c7 lucel18
My heart hurts for these two for different reasons. On a positive note, they got closer after Oliver open up a bit to Felicity about Shado.
11/7/2018 c6 lucel18
AWWWWW! They’re falling for each other...looooooove it!
11/7/2018 c5 lucel18
I just love these missing scenes. Oliver is so worried about her...thank you!
11/7/2018 c4 lucel18
Yes, they needed to talk like this. Thank you!
11/7/2018 c3 lucel18
I love your characterization of these characters..very like canon and it feels even better than canon. Thank you!
11/7/2018 c2 lucel18
OMG! love it!
11/7/2018 c1 lucel18
Yeeeees! I love reading the inner workings of Felicity's mind when she observes Oliver working out. I've always wanted to know what she was thinking during that scene too. Lol. Thank you!
4/8/2018 c8 Grrarrggh
Ouch in the best way. Fabulous.
10/2/2017 c46 1ClaMiAl
Ooooh, very nice! I love the characters' voices and the insights into what went on in their heads. Would love to read more!
9/21/2016 c14 41enchanted nightingale
Loved it! _
9/21/2016 c12 enchanted nightingale
Brilliant! Though that tease/dream was evil!
9/21/2016 c11 enchanted nightingale
Love it! 3
9/21/2016 c10 enchanted nightingale
Great chapter! _
9/21/2016 c9 enchanted nightingale
Felicity's POV was just as heartbreaking as Oliver's.
Brilliant chapter!
9/21/2016 c8 enchanted nightingale
Wow! So much angst!
I both love and hate this chapter.
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