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for Percy Jackson vs The Rise of Gaea

10/4/2014 c1 hermesgirl123
I love this fanfic, the drama, suspence, the trafedy, then the relief. I just love it when bad things happen to percy, just because then all the drama circles around him, and that makes me happy. Anyway, PLEASE CONTINUE, I want to see you describe thelooks on everyone's faces when they fibd out percy is alive, so just please, for me,for the fabdom, for the kittens, plz continue the story!
8/7/2014 c1 Guest
please continue
7/8/2014 c2 Olive
I am just thinking THANK GOD PERCY IS NOT DEAD! good job on the writing, but stop making me cry!
7/8/2014 c1 olive
i am crying so hard right now
6/21/2014 c5 Garland
You are freaking evil for that last bit...
5/7/2014 c5 more
12/27/2013 c5 1PJO-HOO Fuzzy monkey
Please please please update!
11/30/2013 c5 12Sydy
Im new to Sherlock. Please tell me he doesnt die. He doesnt, he camt right? I mean the show is about him.
11/30/2013 c5 6Notepadhalffull
This is going to sound dumb but did someone die. Cause that's obviously what that sounded like. If someone did, well I'm really sorry for your loss and err nice chapter a bit short though.
11/29/2013 c5 2Astrophic
GAH! SO MUCH DRAMA! Love the story, and double love the Percabeth!
Also, on a side note, continuing with the Caleo would be appreciated as well... :D
11/8/2013 c3 6LeAmazingMisfit
No Percy, having a rib poking your lung is not okay...
Haha. I love your story please update
11/3/2013 c3 26charisma26
loved it - love the angst and dramatics :)
11/3/2013 c3 17Geek Without Glasses
I love this story! It's very well written. You're a great author, please update soon.
11/3/2013 c1 Geek Without Glasses
This is amazing!
10/26/2013 c2 26charisma26
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