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for Percy Jackson vs The Rise of Gaea

3/15 c1 8Kenyatta.harmon16
Great Story
3/13 c4 22Dawn.justice
do what? do what? do what? also, what happened to percy?
3/12 c19 Warlord009
Wow I am so impressed with how high quality these chapters are with how quickly you are posting them! Keep up the great work!
3/12 c19 2NiHaR OP
3/7 c17 Guest
This is such a great story, I love it soooo much! Please continue soon!
2/26 c17 3BluePancakes7
At last, the big reveal!
2/24 c17 angusburger
Oh damn great twist, can't wait to see the implosion.
2/23 c17 2NONAME2002
I gotta say, I like this turn of events immensely. The style of writing is very good. Keep it up
2/23 c17 1OURcade
Wait, so does Percy have two bodies now or is his eidolon just lying low?
2/23 c17 2NiHaR OP
holy shit bruv
2/23 c16 2percabethfan46
Dam we’re getting fast updates. And I LOVE IT. Can’t wait to read them!

2/21 c16 3W1rath56
This is so brilliantly written its insane. It seems like Jason is slowly but surely losing his way. Piper gonna break up with him at this point. Kidding. Calm down guys Ik this is just a trial in their relationship.
2/21 c15 2percabethfan46
I’m scared pls don’t hurt my precious Hazel
2/20 c16 angusburger
I feel like I just have to assume everyone has an eidolon in them and this is just a big puppet show. Great work making the team conflict so deep but still in character.
2/6 c14 2LonelyDayDream
I really like this story so far! It's compelling and makes me want to read more. The characters seem pretty canon which is really cool. All in all, I think this is a really good fic.
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