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for Percy Jackson vs The Rise of Gaea

9/15/2017 c3 29Death Fury
good work
9/15/2017 c3 Guest
Cool :) more please?
9/15/2017 c2 Death Fury
9/15/2017 c1 Death Fury
good job
8/31/2017 c4 OMG
PLease review
8/27/2017 c4 2Mikael0000
Love the Riordan-style cliffhanger.
8/27/2017 c4 3Drrrraco Malfoy Potter
AUGH what a crazy cliffhanger! This story is so good, please update it soooon
8/2/2017 c5 Guest
7/27/2017 c5 1eliswinchester
Aaaaahhhh! I love this so much! Please update! The plot is amazing, and the twist at the end there was amazing. Please tell me there's more..
6/26/2017 c5 Guest
uM omg I'm almost in tears
6/21/2017 c5 PercabethForever17
GASP. Bianca why?
6/15/2017 c1 3quicktosee2
Wait why would Bianca wish death for him when she died on her own accord? Or is it nico wishing death for Percy after he hears Bianca is dead? PLEASE YOU HAVE TO CONTINUE THIS! It is so good. I really want to know the reaction of nico after he hears this!
6/13/2017 c5 11stealingthestars
I'm wondering...do you mean to say that Bianca wished death on him, or that Nico wished death on him after she died? Also, holy crap that was so good, I can't wait for more.
6/10/2017 c5 Guest
Thank you so much for updating! I kinda had my hopes up for Percy being okay in the end. So it would be great if you did that. Keep with the story, I really liked it.
6/6/2017 c4 AnnaUnicorn
The fact that Nico had loved Percy, almost if not as much as she did, only added to the grief.

That's far from true. He gave up on Percy in an instant because he thought he was immature. Anyone who actually knows Percy, knows that he's not. How could he love him as much as Annabeth does when he doesn't even know him. He only loved him because he saw him as a hero, not a person.
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