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for Kamen Rider OOO: Song of Desire

5/24 c7 Arturwho
please update i love this story
4/28 c7 7Gaim no Kaze
Great chapter as usual, does this mean Eiji's body is weaker than canon?
4/17 c7 2GEStorm
Wow you finally update! Glad to see one of the good fanfics is still updating. Also, happy late easter my friend! Continue your good work!
4/16 c7 Reapergod9
Eiji final form is Tajador Eternity now
3/3 c6 Guest
I like it, hope you updated soon
2/18 c6 Guest
2/1 c6 1Little Voracious
Glad to read another chapter. I have one issue that maybe you should do revisions before submitting since I can see a couple of grammatical errors.
2/1 c6 iSee21
Yes let's goooooo new update
10/31/2021 c5 7Gaim no Kaze
Awesome chapters, hope you don't rewrite it another time hahaha, I want to see your take on the endings of the seasons
9/21/2021 c5 3KohinataMagica
...I'm rather speechless on the part where Tsubasa actually has a desire to kill both Eiji and Hibiki which result of a Yummy. This is pretty interesting and better than I thought..

Plus F for Ankh.
9/3/2021 c5 Reapergod9
This is good 10/10.
Wonder how the next chapter gonna go?
9/1/2021 c1 1Drcaus
Hey there idea crossover for you
Kamen Rider Den-o and Konosuba
Kamen Rider Fourze and Kill la Kill
Kamen Rider Wizard and Strike Witches
Kamen Rider Gaim and Senran Kagura
Kamen Rider Drive and Seikrei
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and Hyperion Neptunia
Kamen Rider Build and A Certain Magical Index
9/1/2021 c5 1Anti-W.T.F
Hello, been a while isn't it?

Well, all things considered, it's good to finally see you getting back here once again. Even though I'd pretty much have read the "alpha" version of this fanfic, it's rather quaint to see the much more decently structured "beta" version of this.

However, once again, my fellow. You ought to pay much more attention to the grammar and vocabulary side of things in here. Especially, since many of the lines in this particular chapter filled to the brim with metaphors, para-phrase, hyperbole and many other linguistic things of it. For if you make even a single unnoticed typo into it, the entire frame and even the real intention/meaning of it will end up making no sense whatsoever, and would only confuse the readers even more.
But then again, I myself am also one to talk. Since my own fanfic haven't gotten any decent treatment in it's mid to latest chaps, regarding the conversations and presentations as a whole.

Also, I'm rather surprised you'd be mentioning me in your disclaimer. For truth be told, i don't really believe what I'd mentioned in that review a while back, was worth any dime of wisdom to it. 'cause let's face it, any morons could still able to articulate a cumbersome and pathetic-excuse of a statement. But still, I appreciate the acknowledgement,... and you're welcome, I guess?

Well, that's all i could rambles up for now. Hope you'll finally make it to the end much to everybody's delight.

May you have a good life afterwards. :)

P.S.: regarding that XDU collab you mentioned, they actually DID a crossover with Ultraman. It's just that, they simply choose that 2019 Netflix's Anime adaptation from the same named Manga (the one with Hayata's Son, Shinjiro, alongside his cohorts who donned the Ultra Mech Armor) over the original and more iconic titular Giants of Light.
9/1/2021 c5 1Little Voracious
worth the wait!
9/1/2021 c5 iSee21
yes its good
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