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for Climbing Garden Walls

3/22/2014 c1 Read-Sleep-Routine
This is so... Peaceful.
10/16/2013 c1 4DokidokiMariel46
THIS, was beautiful :3
10/14/2013 c1 6plisetsky0301
you strung all these ideas together in tiny compact pieces that, in themselves, are so subtly huge and full of meaning. this was so beautifully worded, amazing characterization, wow just wow, thank you for writing this piece. definitely favoriting :)
10/14/2013 c1 41Miki-chan13
This is beautiful. And I can totally see this happening. Oh, I can't wait for Shingeki no Kyojin's ending; it had better be a happy one, dammit! They've lost too much to get anything less!
10/13/2013 c1 4Togaf Du Goot Endowed
This was beautiful. I really, really, liked the narration, the subtlety, which was not only subtleness, but a caring and respectful portray of a relationship between these two men, the love between them and the love that they have for other things that do not compete but are compatible. "A symbol goes to bed with a monster", that line got me.
Thank you for sharing your story.

PS: 3DMG gear on the Grand Canyon, only Levi and Erwin, yes!

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