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for Cry of Pain

6/5/2004 c1 Kami's Aibou
Kawai! ^_^ If you continue, could you have Yugi forgive Yami and then fluff? Please?
8/10/2003 c1 3reallyboredg
that was really kewl ^.^
1/27/2003 c1 48Umeko Tsumagoi
Ohhh, you don't have many reviews on any of your fics... ;_; Oh well! I shall give you review number EIGHT on this one... because... EIGHT IS MY FAVORITE NUMBER! And that's the ONLY reason.

Just kidding. It's because I liked this story. :P

Okay... *takes a deep breath* Not a humor fic, not an insane review, calm down...

Okay, then! I really liked this! Poor Yami... he's sincerely sorry, but Yuugi is reluctant to accept him again... ;_;

*pictures Yuugi playing with a stuffed die* TEE HEE HEE! *pictures Yuugi in his PAJAMAS playing with a stuffed die* YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY! PAJAMAS RUUUULLLLLLEEEEE!

Wait... *deep breath* Okay... okay... I'm calm...

Ahhh... I'll go write my own fics now... *walks away*
11/19/2002 c1 11the birdster

Blue Dragon: -_-;; She's on suger high today...well, it WAS pretty good...


Blue D: *clamps hand over Silver's mouth* SHHH! THat is most DEFINITLY NOT polite!


Blue: -_-;;; WEll, can ya? You'd be doing me...and her a large favour!

^.~ Biyee!
10/28/2002 c1 cremona-143
I like the whole story except for Anzu and Mai. I want the stuffed dice and ice cream!
10/11/2002 c1 13SDYusuke
DMG - That was great! I luffed it!

Yugi - luffed?

DMG - Yugi...Don't criticise my words..

Yugi - You mean like okie, luff, yuppers...

Yami Magi - You get used to it...I mean what are we on...chapter three in JOTW?

Yugi - Don't remind me...-.-;;

DMG - Yugi, You know you luff me!

Yugi - riiiigggghhhhtttt.

DMG - hmph. Well I think you should somehow go on with this...Cya!
9/22/2002 c1 199Usami
I really liked it...except for Mazaki... but whatever. I WANT ICE CREAM!
9/22/2002 c1 30lily22
I liked it, even if it wasn't too original. I think you should have made Yugi trust Yami, but that wouldn't have fit into the story line.. hmm..
9/20/2002 c1 21kaehimi
Stuffed dice! I love stuffed dice! Sorry, I'm a little bit on the insane side. Anyway, nice story! I like the stuffed dice! ^_^

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