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for To Be An Underworld Guard Dog

1/21/2016 c4 2yourlilimaxilove
Pls update! Its been such a long time!
2/12/2015 c4 promocat
grell is grell!he will never change!but ciel & sebastian really have a little(very little)soft spot for grell-they will help
2/7/2015 c3 promocat
i am sure sebby would want ciel to be a cat demon-but ciel is abit like a dog
3/15/2014 c2 promocat
good job!both ciel & sebastian are calmly accepting thier fates for now-but not all will be smooth sailing!(i hope)
10/26/2013 c1 12Died
I can't believe no one has noticed this piece yet..
Your fanfic looks really interesting and I'd fancy for more of these in the future _

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