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5/12 c48 2Michael Gleek
Wow I really loved your story it was bloody awesome and I'm looking forward to your next story !
I could imagine a story with Lara CroftJames Bond 007 !
6/2/2020 c48 1Hithilion
Well that was hell of a story. I read it yesterday evening till 4 in the morning...

I still feel like my heart is beeing squeezed and wrung...

Some parts I didn't like, others were genius. And the writing itself was wonderful.

I didn't expect this ending and was a little disappointed that you used the easy way out with the overused trope "Memory loss", otherwise the ending and epilogue were very nicely done. I think they are the part that gave the whole story this seriousness and feeling of real consequences. All in all good Job!

But and this is a very big but. One thing I want to point out. The reasoning behind your choice... you should think it over again.

"I will always prioritise endings that are right above endings that are happy."

This was not the "right" ending. (Of course the author decides that in the end but I think you viewed it here from a logical or moral point of view.)

They should have told Sam everything!
I understand why Lara did what she did, as many others would or wouldn't. And also how this is beeing justified. Yes she made a real sacrifice.
But in the end it was still one of the easy and wrong ways out. She still ran...

Now why do I think like that?
It is because of Sam.
They didn't consider her feelings, her sacrifice and her will into this decision. It was made for her and not with her!
In the end she is living a life of a lie. As bittersweet it may be. The people around her lied to her. Lying by omission.
She may still have feelings for Lara. They could have been there long before the point where she lost her memory.
Maybe she is still not acting on it because she thinks Lara doesn't see her this way, too much time has past and because she has an obligation to Steven.
Steven is living his whole life with the knowledge that she may love Lara more than him.
And this goes on and on... (The list of psychological and philosophical complications could be a story on its own. But I think you see the point here.)

So, it's a good and bittersweet ending. But in the end, it was morally wrong and this was a bad ending for the characters.

I am not sure if you will ever read this. But the hope is there.

Thank you for the beautiful work. You are really talented and I hope you will continue to write.

With best regards,

5/26/2020 c48 2jenna-pls
(In the off-chance you still read reviews over here) Hey! I don't know if I've ever left a comment on your work but even after so many years and so many fanfics I've read, you're my favourite fanfic author! I randomly missed Tomb Raider one day and I decided to revisit some fanfic. I could remember this one before I even remembered the title or author. I absolutely loved the TR/Wonder Woman crossover fic too. 3 Hope you kept writing.
1/20/2020 c1 et-reader97
This is defiantly an interesting start. The lemon scene was well done as well. I can't wait to read more. I was recommended this from a friend and I'm glad I looked it up.
2/7/2019 c48 2Spaar
Huh! That was.. Very much not was i was expecting, and at an earlier time in my life i probably would've kind of pissed, if I'm honest. But ya know, that's what you live for: experiencing something you don't expect, hearing something you don't want to hear and realizing you can learn to live with it. Very cool :)

An enjoyable ride to be sure, and lessons to be learned!
9/24/2018 c48 Holy crap
I just finished, and there are genuine tears in my eyes. Tears of ‘oh my god that was the best thing I have ever read’. In fact, I stumbled upon this by chance, and boy and am I happy I did. The way you wrote the story made me feel a connection to the characters. You have done an uncomprehendingly fantastic job. Thank you so much!
6/15/2018 c48 Catkins
I can't believe I was queerbaited by a FUCKING FANFIC! what a AWFUL ending. god I should go back to ao3 there they at least tag when the paring don't end together... fuck off
6/13/2018 c48 1Demented Noodles
This just broke my heart all over again. Try as I might I can't bring myself to accept this. Happy or not, I will go down with the Sam/Lara ship. Realism or being right be damned!

However, this is probably right in the canonical sense for sure and I can accept that much (prove me wrong for once, universe). Plus there's always hope...

Your writing, as usual, is marvellous! I'm curious, will you ever do a story where Lara and Sam end up together? And by that I dont mean end up dead, knowing your writing, I wouldn't put it past you to do that. That could be old or adventuring together or it could be anything, really.
5/20/2018 c48 Beli-cosa
I have a song! Just give me a reason by P!nk maybe doesnt make sense but to me is my internal debate about decisions I made or should about ...my non-existen love life _U and Lara do that a lot in the entire fic "what if"

PD: Is true the ending feels very right (and Im a fluff fan)
2/14/2018 c48 nalu5
Wow. This was incredible
12/5/2017 c48 Terpischore
Fucking hell, that was good.
9/3/2017 c34 Guest
3/5/2017 c48 1N7SpaceHamster
Holy sh!t. What the hell did I just read?! I'm flabbergasted, properly speechless and and no idea how to properly express how excellent and amazing this entire story was. From the fantastic, unique, and so Tomb Raider storyline, the realistic and gut-wrenching/joyous emotions, and GOOD GOD the writing! Your writing style is so good and I have no idea how to convey that - your descriptions are beautiful, relatable, and understandable. And your fight scenes make sense and are done correctly (aka showing how injuries affect the overall fight and that injuries actually happen!)

AND There were SO many times were I was convinced you're somehow involved in the Tomb Raider franchise (and I would 1000% believe if that was the case). Everyone was so spot on - from the villain, the henchmen, toeing the line between historical and the mythical, and to Lara herself. Especially Lara - you had her personality down to the T. From her inner turmoil, snarky remarks, and the 'Croft instinct' - it feels like this came straight out of a video game. Just fantastic all around.

And the ending - have to admit, I did want Lara and Sam together (who wouldn't) but like you said in your author's note - the bittersweet ending is true to the character and cannon. Lara having someone waiting for her back home or coming along with her on adventures doesn't seem quite right and at the end of the day, Sam and Lara are happy and they both stayed in-character. Plus, Hannah is adorbs.

Will definitely be perusing your other work and would love to read some of your original fiction (I mean, you created this within an already established universe - I'm ecstatic to see what you construct from your own design). Is any of it posted online or are you looking to get it published (or has it been published)?

Thank you so much for writing this and sharing it with us.

All the best
7/1/2016 c1 Kuro
Super good fic, i've read it twice!
7/1/2016 c48 Mads
Absolutely brilliant, gave complete justice to the story, please do not stop writing ever... You did so much for this story, much love darling and cheers!
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