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for Shinigami of the Leaf

10/8/2020 c1 Nikkless
really hope that this isint some yaoi fanfic Ichigo x Tsunade or Ichigo x Anko
9/3/2020 c1 wtf
wtf you did not just make him a faggot that shit should be banned if you want to write your faggot stories go to your faggot site to write nobody won't to read that crap
7/20/2020 c2 1AniMeOtaKuKiNg
Damn, it already finished?I'm not done and not satisfied yet
7/20/2020 c1 AniMeOtaKuKiNg
author, you need to fix some part in this novel that revolve of timeline of kyuubi attack and the attack of mob toward young naruto who only seven at that time when ichigo save was stated that twelve year ago already passed since the death of yondaime hokage when ichigo appeared in konoha but the time ichigo found naruto being beaten by mob he was only seven year old...and that time five year already passed since ichigo staying in konoha and became anbu
7/20/2020 c1 AniMeOtaKuKiNg
Ah i got wrong it was seven years old naruto not three...
7/2/2019 c3 Ma'ar'el
Damn, too bad this story won't be continued. As it's a fine pice of fiction. Real shame.
*Added to fav.*
6/23/2019 c3 Nikkless
damn flashbscks
6/23/2019 c2 Nikkless
Ichigo x Tsunade or Ichigo x Anko
6/23/2019 c2 Nikkless
really hope that this isint some yaoi fanfic
6/23/2019 c1 Nikkless
hope he can use shunko
6/23/2019 c1 Nikkless
hope he has two swords tensa zangetsu and the new one. or that he could go to the two forms hollow and the saigo no tensa zangetsu
5/29/2019 c3 1MysticRising
Also I am dying to know who his mate is. On one hand, I want it to be a bleach character like orehime, but on the other, i really don't know why cause it disrupts what has been established plus visually it isn't appealing, I thought it was going to be naruto x ichigo. I want this since those 2 interact well, but a) he's a KID, b) he looks ugly as a grown up, unless he becomes lithe and pretty like in some doujinshi/fanworks, b) they have a brotherly relationship, so shipping them screws that up. But again, i want naruto to be immortal, and he is one of the few characters in naruto I find ichigo will be attracted to personality wise.
12/30/2018 c3 10Fanficlover2017
I honestly don't care which you do first as I think anyone of those would be good but don't kill off Itachi. I would like to see other characters from the bleach manga make an appearance like orihime, yoruichi, kukaku and unohana in the form of friends just stopping by for a visit, pairing or both as this has all the makings of a good harem story for both Ichigo and Naruto. Speaking of, whom do you plan to Ichigo and Naruto with? Will this be a harem story? When do you plan on revealing Naruto's true heritage and giving what if anything his parents left him?
8/12/2018 c3 2HollowKirito
Good job your not on a haitus hey?...oh wait.
1/4/2018 c1 LandLegs
hey. if you do continue this I just wanted to mention that the years passing don't add up. It's a simple fix and it's a good story. Hope you continue. I think you just need to set up a timeline on paper. Like for example sasuke's family is massacred way before naruto graduates. Stuff like this can be easily fixed and this happens quite often in writing. It's easy to forget . :) good job though.
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