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1/18 c8 Poor grindelwald
Grindelwald said probably going insane in numengard and due to their seer talent he might be able to see like dumbledore
1/18 c2 Poor voldemort
Meanwhile voldemorts gone batshit crazy in Harry’s head because he could see a wee bit more than harry due to his nature as a soul fragment
9/21/2022 c1 9LadyTypewriter21
I'm into this
4/8/2022 c14 1daxi
Ooof that was heavy
3/18/2022 c14 fanreader18
Well now. That was a cool story.
3/18/2022 c10 fanreader18
It seems you can write from the perspective of the mad and enlightened quite well. Did you see them? The things in the Dark and the Abyss?
1/11/2022 c14 Dreams0fCalamity
By the gods above and below, this is terrifying.
12/31/2021 c6 9Itack23
My Sanity is beginning to fade while reading this story, but strangely, I can't stop reading it, wondering what's to come. Morbid curiosity maybe?
12/31/2021 c3 Itack23
The Sorting Hat... indeed, it's going to be interesting
12/31/2021 c2 Itack23
I'm... impressed. It's not often a story gives me goosebumps like that just by the way it's written.
I don't know a lot on Lovecraft writings, but I do feel you make an amazing job at translating it with HP world.
12/31/2021 c1 Itack23
... What did I just read?
I'm gonna try to read the chapter 2.
The only thing I understand is that the OST od Dark Souls goes surprisingly well with this fic
12/28/2021 c14 adam110902
really good story
10/21/2021 c14 7John Spangler
Loved it!
10/2/2021 c14 Theghostinmybasement
That was horrifying, but it was the most entertaining thing I've read in awhile.
10/2/2021 c14 Don Flo
Well what can i say. My brain is shredded. But your writing is insanely good. The atmosphere you create nearly reaches the level of the Master himself.
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