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for Heartache and Pain

1/28/2014 c1 7Phantasma'sRose
Literally dying to see what happen next! One of my favorite stories. Also love hellfire and life must go on. You should check them out!
1/21/2014 c12 BurningDoves
Dun dun dun, between that dream and that last paragraph I can't WAIT for more lol.
1/17/2014 c11 3Daae Chagny

1/12/2014 c9 BurningDoves
This chapter has answered a lot of questions that have been floating around in my head, and it flows nicely. What's going to happen next I wonder? :O
Can't wait to read the next chapter :D
1/6/2014 c8 BurningDoves
Definitely a different style of reading then I'm used to, but it's coming along well, and I'm looking forward to reading more.
1/6/2014 c4 BurningDoves
Slightly clearer, but your still a bit confusing on your time period, but I think I'm getting closer. Your writing in general is a bit choppy(Like mine lol, but at least the base comes out better), but the emotions and reactions are pretty much spot on. All in all, it's looking better then when I started.
1/6/2014 c1 BurningDoves
Forgive me, but as an American, I don't see why a local child service organization doesn't step in to take over care of this child til she's an "adult". I would be much obliged if some sort of era time frame/location details would be included
12/23/2013 c1 2Phantom's Lil Miss

Cant wait to read it all!

3 3 3
12/6/2013 c6 Guest
Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh so good! I love this story! Quick note: I think you keep using "exclaimed" when you mean "explained". The two words are similar, but exclaimed means to say something loudly or importantly, and explained means to explain something. Just a minor error. Overall, wonderful story! Please update soon!
11/16/2013 c5 3Daae Chagny
Poor Charlene :( She can't even trust Christine. Please update soon!
11/5/2013 c4 Daae Chagny
Great chapter! Poor Charlene; she can't trust anyone :( Please update soon!
10/21/2013 c2 Daae Chagny
So good! I really like Charlene. Please update soon!
10/16/2013 c1 Daae Chagny
I really like this chapter! Please continue! It has a great plot already!
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