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for incarnadine

5/28/2016 c5 2HobbsTunaSammi
Well, I just stumbled over this piece and I definitely would be interested in where you are taking it.
10/27/2015 c1 johncahill
I love your writing. I hope you can continue it and other stories.
12/27/2013 c4 1hedgehogsandwich
Really well written! Can't wait for more ;D
11/10/2013 c4 Guest
Hey hey, there's nothing wrong with the recent chapter! In fact, it's beautifully written, and I really like your idea. Actually, all the previous ones are well-done too. A bit confusing at times since I'm rather slow, but still wonderful to read, nevertheless.
You should totally continue. I'm eagerly waiting for the next three chapters! (And it's based on chapter 50? I know it's going to be great, with the sweet EreMika moments!)
11/10/2013 c4 ALW4
I thought this chapter was really good, and I'd love for you to keep continuing this :)
11/10/2013 c4 teavious
Ok, I'm not the type to review, I'm mostly the silent reader who cheers from the sides, but as you asked for the readers' opinion, I am here to say mine.
I like your way of writing, i almost feel like it's throwing me back in time. The idea with reincarnation and trying to save Eren is interesting, I like it a lot and I'm pretty sure I wanna read the next chapters you planned out. Why to stop when you already know how to continue? It's better to keep on going!
I know, as a writer, how horrible it is to feel unsecure on a chater, but I can assure you this one is a good one! It broke my heart and made me anxious about what's going to happen -which is a good thing giving the themes you use-.
Mikasa is perfect here, I like her determination and everything, and the small dialogue with Rivaille and his opinions on her are also interesting.
Keep up the good work, looking forward for a new chapter!
11/10/2013 c4 Erenstahp
I think this fanfic is really good. You're a very talented writer and I think you should continue. Some constructive criticism: make the next three chapters 'go somewhere'. The past chapters have been sort of the inside of mikasas head during previous moments. This is just my opinion, and my opinion may not matter much, but I think the past chapters should e leading up to what happens in the next three chapters. So you know what I say? Use your amazing writing skills to continue this to the next three chapters and give us a plot.

It's your story and ill follow it regardless whether you take my advice or not :)
11/1/2013 c1 songs
so good! omg this is beautiful i am actually extremely extremely pained right now
10/31/2013 c3 makingupthetown
10/31/2013 c3 ALW4
I can't get over how beautiful your writing is WHY MUST YOU MAKE THIS SO EMOTIONAL
10/29/2013 c2 maesde
Very nice :), both chapters!
10/22/2013 c2 3Jackson12
Wow, this was amazing. Please keep it up, this sounds like a really promising fic and the mere thought of its abandonment brings tear to my eyes.
10/20/2013 c2 ALW4
Your writing is really beautiful, by the way. Wow. You capture their emotions flawlessly.
10/16/2013 c1 ALW4
I love this and can't wait to read the rest of them!

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