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11/26/2014 c19 1gyungyunminmin
soo anticipating...
11/25/2014 c19 ilovshibari
QAQ Nuuuu! No more chappys ;n; Plz update soon, I wanna know what Hibari did to Lambo ehuehuehue w
11/25/2014 c17 ilovshibari
I frigging love your developments *-* Everything makes it so interesting and lively, putting pieces to getter like a puzzle. Bit by bit, the whole picture will come to sight. w )8 Kyaa Sugoi des
11/21/2014 c19 3LilinAnade
Awesome /
I can feel the tense is rising!
Xanxus FREE, is that mean nono been captured?
Ring battle arc? Which one going to fight Xanxus? Tsuna? Tonari?

11/21/2014 c19 Takatou
Yay! Hayato has finally appear. I really like this Hayato, he speak his min freely but he still has the respect he has for Tsuna. At least I know Hayato is still really loyal to Tsuna and consider him as friend which I am really happy about.

Oh, and Lambo too, to think Hibari would pick him up and Lambo is courageous enough to said those thing to Hibari, really, his obliviousness will get him kill one day. Is Hibari going to teach Lambo some dicipline?

Oh, and from the last chapter they said that Tsuna has got contact with some of the Mafia Family, I wonder which Family it is. And finally, Reborn finally ask Tsuna to be the tenth Vongola Boss, I'm reall happy. But seeing that Xanxus has been freed, it seems that he has to quickly gather his guardian, though Mukuro hasn't appear.

Can't wait for more, please update soon. XD
11/21/2014 c19 1I-AM-A-SUPER-SADIST
11/20/2014 c19 4korohoshi
I wonder who Xanxus would be fighting against with... pls update soon
11/20/2014 c19 8Natsuyuuki
hmm... I didn't have any twitter... well , actually i had one , but it was a long time ago...

by the way , please update soon and Good Luck!
11/19/2014 c19 37Kuroi Rin
Hihi Tsuna and Hayato sure are good friends! :D
And if Hayato is how he is,than, will he continue to call Tsuna by his other name?
Would be funny, at least the reactions of the others and the confusion
Ohh and Lambo with Kyoya... I feel sorry for him... (who? chose on!)
I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
11/19/2014 c19 8KYRAgabriela
Xanxus ! He's too ! Will be very cool !
11/19/2014 c19 RaNDoem
11/7/2014 c18 4korohoshi
I hope you'd update soon x
cause this story's so nice and interestng :(
10/6/2014 c18 30deelnefire
i like so much your tsunayoshi's character. update more i want more
10/5/2014 c18 1I-AM-A-SUPER-SADIST
whaaa! soon
9/28/2014 c18 xeyuxe20
so cool XO
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